Free Boost Nutritional Drink Sample -HURRY

New Boost Free Sample Opportunity from Sampler

Sampler is giving Lucky Canadians a Chance to Try out Boost Complete Nutritional Drink!

Apply today for your chance to receive a free Boost drink.

Simply connect with Sampler and answer a few questions to claim your free sample. (if you are eligible)

**Not everyone will be eligible.

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Offer Valid for a limited Time Only.


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Challenge Yourself

Add a moderate amount of exercise and dietary changes to your daily routine can have  huge impact on your life and even add years. A little effort can go a long way. Challenge yourself to get and stay fit. Boost can help in your journey.

Pace Yourself

If you are currently not an active person, there is no need to go out and try to run your first marathon. Take baby steps and go at your own pace. Before you know it you will be actively living each day. Walking is great for any amount of fitness level. Whether you are just beginning or a pro.

When you sign up for Be Active with Boost you will receive daily tips on what to do on that particular day to set and reach your goals in a healthy way.

The free pedometer is great for keeping track of your progress. When you actually see the results you will be amazed.

Find a list of activities that you can do anytime to bring physical activity into your life. Whether it is a hike or a walk on the beach with the kids. Get out there and have fun and use Boost to ensure you get the proper vitamins and minerals that will help keep  your body in tip top shape nutritionally.


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