Are you a new or expectant parent in Canada? You would have to order this fantastic, absolutely FREE Baby  Pack with the Nestlé Baby Club if you answered yes.

Free Nestle Baby Samples

Nestle Baby recently took the Baby Gift Amount out, and now it is a complete mystery what they will send you. In 2020 they said it had a value of $130.00, but since the redesign of their website, this is what they are going to send you when they sign up. All we know is they are giving away free baby stuff, which includes free samples and coupons from nestlé baby.


Nestle Baby Samples Promo

Free Baby samples ( ready for baby pack)

  • Free Baby Samples from their Brands that have baby stuff items ( formula, toddler food, more)
  • Coupon Savings or Baby Cheques ( formula coupons)
  • Tips and Advice on little one’s development

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Nestlé baby Offer is ongoing. Limited quantities are available.

be aware this free sample is only available for Canadian residents

Nestle baby pack Reviews


Nestle baby Samples have been disappointing to many parents the last few years, just due to the face once upon a time; you got offered a diaper bag filled with tons of samples and baby cheques; it once had a value of $400.00 worth of stuff. Crazy free samples times. But that was years ago, when not everyone had household internet, nor did everyone back then pack a cellphone, a portable computer nowadays.





Nestle Baby Samples ( Free Baby Pack) | nestle baby

So New parents try not to be disappointed at the new nestle baby samples they hand out. It’s all about big numbers of parents applying for free baby formula and a good coupon plus exclusive offers from Nestle products such as good start formula, change pad for free. The nestle baby program is no longer filled with baby freebies and baby products as it once did.

I’m not even sure if they are still sending out Cetaphil baby lotion, honest company, babyganics bubble bath, tiny bottle,  and information on baby registry programs as they once did. Once upon a time, they offered coupons from Thyme maternity, but that franchise closed a few years ago.


But we should be thankful for the tremendous handy free baby nutrition information they give out

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FIRST 1000 Days Nestle Baby Program

  • Get to Explore the Scientific facts and findings of the First 1000 Days, showing how crucial they are to your baby’s nutrition.
  • Read articles. There is a lot to learn, especially for your new child.
  • Get to take Quizzes, tracking tools, videos, tips and clever ways to turn what you’ve learned into actual practice.
  • Earn Badges as you along!

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