Nestle Baby Club : FREE Baby Gift Pack ( Canada)

Nestle Baby Free Samples and Coupons when you join the club
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Nestle Baby Club Canada

Get A Free Sampler for Your Baby in 2021.

Are you a new or expectant parent? If you answered yes, you would have to order this fantastic, absolutely FREE Baby Gift Pack with the Nestle Baby Club.

Free Nestle Baby Gift 

It is valued at $130+ and may include:

  • a can of formula
  • One ready-to-drink formula
  • Sample sized Cetaphil baby lotion,
  • Coupons for Zinocofax and Tempra
  • money-saving coupons
  • a ton of information and parenting tips and advice

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Nestle Free Sample Offer is ongoing. Limited quantities are available.

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FIRST 1000 Days Nestle Baby Program

  • Get to Explore the Scientific facts and findings of the First 1000 Days, showing how crucial they are to your baby’s future health.
  • Read articles. There is a lot to learn, especially when it comes to your new child.
  • Get to take Quizzes, tracking tools, videos, tips and smart ways to turn what you’ve learned into real practice.
  • Earn Badges as you along!

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Nestle Baby Free Samples and Coupons when you join the club


  1. The sample is barely worth 50$ (probably not even). There’s one small can of the good start formula, one ready to drink formula and a small cetaphil body wash sample..very disappointed

  2. Nestle Baby no longer includes the diaper bag, change pad, bottle, etc. in their free sample. It only comes with a can of formula, 1 ready-to-drink formula, a tiny bottle of Cetaphil baby lotion, and coupons – many of which are not really essential (i.e. spend $75 at Babies R Us for $15 off; save $3 on Babyganics bubble bath; save $1 on Ziploc Twist N Loc container; save $1 on Anusol hemorrhoid cream). The $2 coupon off Zincofax and Tempra are nice, though.

    Overall, the new Nestle Baby samples makes for a very disappointing sample pack compared to what they used to give. It’s funny because on their website they “guarantee” this sample pack is better. It just isn’t.

  3. The thingd the send four small sample bottles of formula milk including one nipple one sample bottle of baby wash, two diapers and two coupons thats all…. anyway thanks them for everything….

  4. All that comes with signing up is 4 small bottles of formula including one nipple. A trial size bottle of baby wash and two coupons totalling $17.00 for formula. It’s not the $130.00 free gift as advertised. Thankful for what did come though. My daughter is having twin girls so it will all come in handy.

  5. i use nestle since i have my two son now 18 and 19 yrs old now im pregnant with 3rd one its a girl until now im using nestle product.


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