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Catit Canada Company wants Your Review

Do you have a kitty at home? Well, I’m not sure if you remember, but Catit had a coupon on Smartsource a few years ago – So they are not a “new company,” but they are new to the “Review Opportunity” game.

Catit is all about Cats (hence the name), and they are very much into the fun side of the cat’s mysterious mind.

If you own a cat and want to try out this brand of several cat products.

Catit Free Sample Opportunity

Catit Free Sample, Catit FREE Sample Opportunity for Cat Treats!

This Review Opportunity is for the products pictured above;

  • Catit Nuna Treats- insect protein-based cat treats

They are giving away 10 packs with 3 bags of 60g each!

Selected Members will be notified by email.

They don’t give out very many Free products to try.

It’s very selected ( like maybe 10 a month)

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This Catit Free Sample opportunity is for a limited time only.

Also, make sure you join the Catit Club so you can watch for other exclusive monthly deals and more Review Opportunities. 

About Catit

Catit is all about Kitty Love. Their mission is loud and clear when it comes to making cats all over the world happy.  Every product must make Cats happy. All products are cat tested.

Catit’s team includes product experts, animal behavioural specialists, and cat moms and dads just like you.

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