How to Fix Cat Scratches on Furniture (DIY) |


Does your cat love to scratch your furniture? I have two cats, and one of them likes to knead his claws into my furniture and believe it, not this fellow does have a scratch post within a foot of the one of the sofa couch we own, but I think he just loves the fabric! He does use his scratching post – but just not that often.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on Furniture (DIY) |

The above picture was my before,


But I am not about to invest in new furniture, just because He will most likely scratch the new furniture!  He’s a sneaky little guy, and he scratches at night when we’re all asleep at night.

The double-sided tape didn’t work for me, just due to the fact I didn’t check it often enough to make sure it was sticky all the time, and this little fur baby would simply scratch right next to it.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on Furniture (DIY) |

Here’s the Sweet Little Problem Child Cat! He is eight years old and has zero desire to stop scratching our corners of any piece of furniture! This set of furniture is about five years old, and he all by himself has managed to do a great job of destroying it!  GRRRR!!!

How to Fix Cat Scratches on Furniture (DIY) |

I remember seeing an Idea on Pinterest that a lady sewed embroidery pieces to make a decoration where her cat scratched it carelessly on the corners.  But I’m not one to have that much patience to sew that many pieces on – but I know there’s such a thing as Fabric Glue!

So I made my loveseat look different for a few dollars on amazon ( like $26.00 ) and some Fabric Glue for $14.99.

I might have been able to iron them on, but I desperately needed to fix the corners from the stuffing coming out of each side.


And to prevent my daughter’s kitty from re-scratching the corners, I bought these plastic corner pieces and screwed them into the couch.

List of Cat Furniture Fixing Supplies at

Couch Corners: – I should have probably purchased them at the same time as the couch – but I bought the tape kind at that time, and well, the tape wears out.

Iron-On Patches or any cool fabric you want to use

Fabric Glue – I applied generously and held for probably 30 seconds each piece to make sure it would stick; it was a learning curve on keeping and using more glue.

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Cats love to scratch furniture for several reasons.  One of them is an exercise for them. They get the chance to stretch out their bodies and extend their nails. While they also expand and retract their fur nails, the movement helps remove the nail sheaths.

Another reason our sweet little bundles of fur love to scratch our furniture is to leave a visual scent as a marker of their territory, allowing them to show other cats – That she owns this house.

Cats can sometimes begin scratching furniture because they don’t have adequate posts to scratch, and some cats prefer certain materials of specific cloth vs using the ropes on scratching posts.

Stop Cats from Scratching Your furniture.

  1. Place a scratching post next to the furniture they are scratching.
  2. Use double-sided sticky tape on all areas they like to scratch.
  3. If you are home most of the day, you can praise your cat with treats when using the appropriate cat post.
  4. If your home a lot of the day, you could also try a water bottle when you spot your cat using your furniture as a scratching post.