Tips on How to Cut Down on Your Smart Phone Expenses

It’s hard to believe that the average cellphone monthly bill is like over $150 per month. That’s Crazyyou consider all your household bills like your other utility bills. It’s one of the most expensive privileges we all seem to carry.

But there are ways to help lower the cost of your cell phone bill.

But here are several suggestions on how to work towards lowering your bill starting Today, I am sure you can begin to implement some of them.

Always Buy a Phone Outright

Call your provider today to check out any online options is available to you. Once You own your phone outright, You can bargain a lot more. The company you signed up with to Get a New Phone is costing you money.

Last Fall, We looked at our Telus Mobile PHone bill and compared it to “signing up for a New Phone with Contract” and purchasing the PHone outright – and We found out it’s a cheaper monthly bill when you Own your Phone  – So My husband bought a New 8+ outright.

I didn’t go shopping with him as I would have bought one onliner refurbished.

Even if you need a Newer phone – ask your mobile company if they have a refurbished one ( It would be cheaper than the last most excellent phone)

Shop ONline for gently used previous mobles – Look for the term “Unlocked” ( meaning you can use them with any carrier)

Limit Your Data on Your Cell Phone

If you are a homebody or have free Wi-Fi at home and work, Why have a data plan on your phone?  Do you need to pay for data? Can you live without it? Or minimize your data.

So some serious thinking about it! But It could save you tons of money!

Learn to be a Wi-Fi Hog:

Make sure you set up your home Wi-Fi to your phone, so you’re not using your data plan in your own home. Ask at your place of work for their Wi-Fi password.

If you have a routine of where and who you visit – Ask for their Wi-Fi password! It’ll save you money.

If you need to have Wi-Fi access where ever you are: Be Very Cautious of it and don’t download or stream any movies, podcasts or music unless you are on a Wi-Fi connection.  Google Maps also takes up a lot of data.

Depending on your Cellphone provider, You can get a warning when your data is close to being over. – Ask About it if you don’t know if your phone provider has it.

Data Overages can add up very quickly, and you will end up paying a premium price for this.

Limit Your Background Data:

Even if you don’t use the internet on the go, some of your applications might be using up data bin the back Ground.

How to Limit your BackGround Data

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Go to Cellular
  3. Scroll Down and See all the Applications that you are using your cellular data when on
  4. Simply Flip them all “OFF” unless you need all those applications working. They also will be draining your battery. ( So it’s a total Win-Win)

Then when you need an application turned on without the ability to use Wi-Fi – you are just a few steps away to turn it back on.

It is a good practice to set up a time during the week or once a month and shut all your data usage off to all the applications – so you can maintain the problem with any new apps you have installed.


Cut off the Insurance on your Cellphone

Insurance is a massive cost of like $13.00 a month Canadian. That adds up to over a hundred dollars per year.  So Unless you are terrible for losing your phone, or if you have had your phone for more than two years, Consider cancelling your cellphone insurance contract. It’s rarely worth it.


How to Cut Back Data On your Cellphone

Need to bring up your Starbucks app while you’re waiting in line? No big deal. You can turn on cellular data for a specific app anytime you want.

 Sign up for paperless billing.

Another tip is to ask your provider if there’s a saving to have paperless billing.  Sometimes carriers charge you to mail your mail. So it’s always good to ask if there are savings by going paperless.

Employee Discounts

Some Companies Such as if you work the Government – You can apply for special rates through your carrier, One of my friends pays like $40 per month for her phone with unlimited everything when she owns her phone outright. Pretty Sweet Deal if you ask me.  But if you have any Perks at your job look through them ( You might have to switch carriers)

Side Hustles and Home Businesses.

If you use your cellphone for a side hustle or home business, you can save your receipts and maybe able to use your phone bill as a tax reduction.


Call your Cell Phone provider

Ask if there’s anything you can do to make your bill cheaper. Our habits change from time to time, and it’s always an excellent way to see if you’re spending too much money on your phone.  If you’ve been with your current provider for a long time – Ask about Loyalty rewards and plans.

You won’t save if you don’t ask.

Simply ask them for a better price – See what your current carrier can do for you.

If they won’t give you a better price, or give you some free perks, Look at switching Carriers once your contract is up.

 Switch carriers.

If you have tried everything you can to save on your cellphone bill, then perhaps its time to shop around and get a better deal.  Take your time and shop around, and do your best to understand your needs met between where and how often you call and the Data amount you require.

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