where is my free samples?

Time and time again, we are emailed with this exact question.

“Where is all my free stuff?”

Just to remind everyone: We are not the shippers of your free samples – We are merely a vast “Directory” letting you know where you can find FREEBIES, Free Coupons, Rebates, contests, etc., to apply for.

We search all over the web for you: social media, google, Twitter, and get emails from our free sample community members – letting us know who has a free sample opportunity for you to apply for directly.


Things out of our control 

Where are all my Freebies? |

1. The waiting time

The waiting time for free samples has increased to 12 weeks to receive in the mail. I’m not 100% sure why, but perhaps it is the amount they can process daily or weekly. But it’s taking a while for some to arrive. Sometimes, you will have forgotten you applied for it when it comes.


Where are all my Freebies? |

2. Companies often merely “STOP” sending free samples out, yet leave their page open to accept requests – (Companies rarely will let us know they have stopped). We have to “ASSUME” the company is still accepting free sample requests – until the page returns a 404 page or we get enough complaints, and then we’ll move it to “expired.”


Where are all my Freebies? |


3. Companies now have moved over to Product Testing companies to handle their free sample advertising campaigns –  which means there is a limited amount of people who will receive a free sample opportunity compared to the number of requests.  For example, Chickadvisor used to put how many samples were going to be given away (for example, 200 or 250), but in recent months they have not said.


So, in other words – it’s almost become a contest on who will receive a free sample through many companies – Being an active member of that community is what will get you a free sample. You will also need to grow your social media accounts.

Where are all my Freebies? |


4. Companies are more apt to spend advertising money on coupons and contests 


5. Companies run out of samples quickly – sometimes within minutes of a release – and we don’t even get a chance to advertise them to you.

Where are all my Freebies? |


6. Companies are now also using “Subscription boxes” to promote their product and give samples within these subscriptions paid boxes. (Top Box, Beauty Box, Fab Fit Fun, and whatever new Subscriptions are now available.


Where are all my Freebies? |


No, we are not “false advertising.” 


Sometimes we get emails about hearing about “free samples” you have applied for – but we know we’ve never promoted them – We are not the only site that does the “whole directory of telling you where to you can “POTENTIALLY” get a free sample. – Nor do we know if you have clicked on a “bad leading advertisement”  on our site or a competitor’s website, or from some weird social media advertisement somewhere in the vast online world.


All we can say is, “We do the best we can”  to promote only the offers we feel are legit and come from a larger known brand.