Topbox Circle is like a beauty club, so if you love the latest makeup trends and are very much into skincare, this is a fun and great product testing opportunity for Canadians and its one of the few that are consistent about surveys and sending out opportunities for free product testing on makeup and skincare, Including Mission boxes with Free trending beauty products mailed to your door.

What is the Top Box Circle?

Topbox Circle is an online consumer community that has samples and Reviews. Usually, members would get many notifications of the emails when the boxes were empty.

So once you get an email about Missions, you will automatically be there. Do Not be afraid of your mission. Members must complete their full profiles to begin receiving points on them.  You can receive free products to try and share your experiences online.

Canadian residents only

canaian topbox circle logo found on social media

Topbox Circle Canada; Free Product Opportunity

How to Get Free Samples?

Topbox will email you each new survey opportunity – based on your answers, you may be qualified and chosen.

All they ask for in return is that you share your thoughts about the free product you have received, the good, and bad, and any suggestions,

The Missions are NOT To be missed. The best bet is to make Top Box Circle a part of your daily routine, sign in daily, and check in for any new surveys.

Free to Join & No Shipping or Handling required.

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How do I review a Topbox?

TopBox Circle testing promotions are also called missions 

Remember to read the instructions on your Offers page, which contain information on your review Offer.

A timely review is required, and it is essential to give honest feedback. You will have a few options to submit your review online.  ( Leaving your answer on the brand’s website is usually the exchange) 

How does TopBox work?

  1. Take Pre Screen Surveys
  2. If Chosen to test new products
  3. Give Honest opinions and complete the mission
  4. Get more Free Sample opportunities.

You will need to review products, or you won’t be invited back.

Update 2021:  you will no longer have to do Social media Reviews – the new requirement is to leave a review on the brands’ website:  so now you don’t need to have a Facebook or Instagram account to get free beauty products

free beauty product samples

Taking a TopBox Survey to get a free sample

The Topbox Surveys come into two categories

  • Available Top Box Surveys, which will be found on your dashboard when you login into your account
  • Pre-qualification Surveys

Surveys are usually weekly.

What kind of products does Topbox give away?

There are many types of products and samples available throughout the year. Here’s a look at some cosmetic sample products from brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Yves Saint Laurent,  MAC Cosmetics, Bliss Beauty Products and skincare samples and fragrances. Other free samples can also be laundry materials like Tide Zero Ivory Snow. 

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Tips on TopBox Surveys

  1. Set up a good routine to check your dashboard daily for your chance to qualify for a free sample of a new product.
  2. Make sure your profile is up to date, including your address.
  3. Answer your Surveys honestly. on your topbox circle account
  4. Get your reviews done on Time and completed
  5. Reviews should have a minimum of 100 words.

Pre-Qualification Surveys

Check your dashboard for Pre-Qualifications – as this will be your chance to get selected for a FREE product to review

Product Reviews for Free Beauty Products

Suppose you are selected for product testing! You must log back into your dashboard and give your honest review. Lack of follow-through on reviewing your free product will put you on the naughty list, and you may not get selected next time there is a free product to review