Top Box Circle Product Testing Opportunity




Top Box Circle; Free Product Opportunity

How to Get Free Beauty Samples?

You will be emailed with each new opportunity  – and based on your answers, you may be qualified and chosen.

Free to Join & No Shipping or Handling required.

Click Here to Join Today ( Free)

Good Luck!

How does it work?

  1. Take Pre Screen Surveys
  2. If Chosen Review Products on social media
  3. Get more Free Sample opportunities.

Obviously, you will need to Review products or you won’t be invited back

What is the Top Box Circle?


Glam Sense is an exclusive community of women who share their opinions on shopping websites and social media!



  1. I was having the same problem, then I contacted them, the next day it was approved. I got three samples so far. You have to give your honest opinion and details about the products, what you like, what can be improved

  2. I signed up and connected my instagarm handle which was my first mission. However, it shows my mission is still incomplete and I did not get any points. Can you help?

  3. I’m interested in getting some products to try & give my honest review, I think I’m doing this all wrong, I did lots of surveys


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