Being a new parent is hard. There are sleepless nights, dirty diapers and loads of laundry to do. And if you don’t have the money for disposable diapers, it can seem impossible. But there’s hope! Here we’ll provide tips on how to get free or cheap diapers in Canada so that your budget isn’t stretched too thin and you can enjoy those first few months with your baby as much as possible!

Why Aim for Cheap or Free Diapers

Most new parents use a lot of diapers, and the cost can add up quickly. There are several ways to reuse your diapers and save money in the process,

Did you know the average baby goes through the following amount of diapers

  • Newborn Up to 10 lbs. 8–12 diapers per day 1–2 boxes (based on 140 per box)
  • Size 1 8–14 lbs. 8–10 diapers per day 13 packs (about 40/pack) or 3–4 boxes (based on 164 per box)
  • Size 2 12–18 lbs. 8–9 diapers per day About 15 packs (about 37/pack) or 4 boxes (based on 142 per box)
  • Size 3 16–28 lbs. 6–7 per day 27 packs (about 36/pack) or 7 boxes (based on 136 per box)

Parents who choose to use disposable diapers quickly understand how a baby can go through about 2500  = 3,000 disposables in their first year alone, depending on your baby’s sleep habits, skin sensitivity, diaper type, etc.

So if you are in Canada and are looking for ways to get free diapers, here are few places to check out.

Baby companies That Give Away Diapers

Ways to Get Cheap or Free Diapers in Canada |

Huggies Diapers

The first free diapers I ever got came free from Huggies. They sent me a free diaper bag and some coupons, which included free diapers. All you need to do is request a free newborn diaper to give a hug!


Another great company that does this is Pampers. Fill out their form, and they’ll send you free samples or coupons (with free diapers in them!).

Ways to Get Cheap or Free Diapers in Canada |

Amazon sends parents a free box filled with gifts when they create an Amazon Baby Registry. They also send free diapers coupons included in their free sample box for the mom-to-be.  Note: Many Canadian baby registries have gifts. Click Here for More 

Welcome Wagon

In Some Canadian Communities, welcome Wagon groups will diver a welcome package to new moms ( sometimes it can happen in the hospital). Each community varies.

London Drugs

If you live in Western Canada – London, Drugs has a Baby Welcome Sample bag they hand out for New parents, and sometimes there a free diaper is included in the free baby pack. You can apply online.

Doctors Office

If you end up with a formula-fussy baby, sometimes your doctor’s office or hospital will have a few free samples hanging around that you can try a different brand.

The Hospital Diaper Bank

Hospitals in Canada, like Sick Kids and Women’s College Hospital, have a baby diaper bank. Other towns may have a diaper program near you. ! They will do what they can to help you out if your baby requires food or diapers.

Classified Ads/Freecycle Networks

Another great place to look for free diaper listings! Some parents may be in a position where they have too many and instead give them away than store them.

Some Facebook Groups include decluttering, and you may find free diapers or diapers at a discount.

Cheap or free diapers are often listed on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. Some people want to give away partial bags of diapers they no longer need away to someone who could use them.


How to Get Cheap Diapers

How to Get Cheap Diapers in Canada.? There are many options available in Canada to get diapers for cheap or cheaper than paying the total Price, and Here is how to get started with a Diaper Price Book.

Camel Camel Camel &

An easy way to get free or cheap diapers is to use an online price comparison service like CCC (Camel Camel Camel). Enter the name of the diaper you’re looking for and decide on a price you would like to purchase from You can then view the price history and check out the last six months to watch for a sale. Or you can subscribe to get diapers delivered as a subscription for a bit more savings.

Ways to Get Cheap or Free Diapers in Canada |

Shoppers Drug Mart 20x PC Optimum points Days

Using Baby Coupons, you can try and shop the days when SDM has 20x points when you spend $75.00 or get a personal Optimum points to offer, and try to arrange your diaper purchase on days where you maximize your savings into additional points.

Pampers Rebates

Every other month Pampers usually has a Rebate on diapers. The one offer we have seen repeated over 2021 is to Purchase $40.00 worth of diapers at Select stores get a $10.00 Gift Card.

Since P&G owns Diapers – Check on P&G coupons and cashback offers for more Pampers coupons and savings.

Try Cloth Diapers

Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.  and there are several options for this option. If you’re not ready to make the switch – check with family members or friends that might have older children using cloth diapers. You can maybe get a few to try out, And if they no longer need them, it’s better than throwing away money on a whole set of new cloth diapers.

Product Reviews for Product Testing

Finally, sign up for product testing to receive free diapers or samples of products you are interested in. This is a great way to save money on diaper purchases – rather than paying the total Price!

Often, sites like will allow moms to try out a new brand of diapers or baby wipes. Check out Product Testing Opportunities and Monthly Samples. Just recently, there was an opportunity to try out Rascal & friends’ baby diapers.

With the cost of living in Canada rising, it’s not always easy to afford diapers. We all know that babies go through a lot of them, and they can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to get free or cheap diapers! There is no shortage of resources for Canadians looking for financial help with this essential item- from diaper banks to grocery store discounts, you’ll find it here. Check out our list below with some helpful tips about how you can save money on disposable diapers in Canada today! Any other tips on how to save money on disposable diapers?