Heinz Canada Deals: Beans for $1.00



Heinz: Maple Style Beans Deal

Right now at Amazon Canada – You can buy Heinz branded Brown Sugar & Bacon beans for just $1.00 as an ADD On!

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Founded in 1869 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the H. J. Heinz Company or Heinz is an American company that processes food items. It manufactures more than thousands of food products and markets them in more than 200 countries around the world.

The company extended its business in many countries of the world. In 1909, it established its factory in Canada where baby food, along with some other food products, is produced. Heinz Canada has a website named ‘Heinz Baby,’ where they exclusively feature all of its baby products and services.

‘Heinz Baby’ provides products for newborns to one-year-old babies. They market cereals, snacks, organic food items, re-sealable pouches of various-flavoured juices, and different types of dessert, fruit, pie, juice, meat, and vegetable items in plastic and glass jars. All the products made by them give the taste of homemade food. The cereals are made with fruits and mixed grains that provide your baby with a happy and nutritious mealtime. Their snacks include biscuits, cereal bars, and oatmeal bars that are nutritious, tasty, and help babies learning self-feeding.

Apart from producing food items, Heinz is also involved in many social activities. It has partnered with Stop Hunger Now as a part of their Heinz Micronutrient Campaign to promote global child nutrition and combat hunger in the developing world.

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