Pampers Rewards Canada Program Free to Join

New Pampers Rewards Canada

It’s New & Improved! Pamper’s Reward System has a New Platform! With #pampersrewards Now, you can enter your pamper codes by scanning them with your mobile phone! Then, with a swipe of your thumb – you can add the points,  see your history, and redeem your points from your mobile phone.

Pampers New Mobile Application is available on Itunes and Google Android.

Bonus Points for Joining

Bonus Reward Points for downloading the NEW Rewards App ( Did I mention it’s free to download?) You will get 100 reward points and 50 points for scanning your first code!

I am sure you have many questions, so let’s walk through it step by step.

Let’s Back up for the Newbies!

What are Pampers Rewards? 

Pampers Rewards Canada is simply a -a program for being brand loyal to your baby’s diaper needs. Each time you buy pamper diapers/ wipes, you will find a code on the inside package that you can scan or insert manually online. Once you rack up a minimum amount of points, You can redeem them for FREE Stuff, such as coupons, books, and toys for your little ones.

How many points will I collect? 

This will vary on your brand loyalty and diligence in imputing your codes at every opportunity.

1. Download: the Pampers Club App

The Pampers Club App is available for both platforms: Apple & Android. You can also do a Search in any Application store – Remember to Choose the CA ( which stands for Canada) to ensure you get the right download. Download Now 


Redeeming your Points!

The rewards catalogue has several items to choose from. – Use your codes to enter to win Pampers Contests, or use up points for savings on diapers and wipes. Or choose fun baby toys and much more.

Proctor and Gamble are owners of Pampers. They try to stay innovative with the latest development tools to help parents save money on their baby’s needs, such as diapers and wipes.