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Collect Points? Think PC Optimum Points Coupons! I’m sure PC optimum loyalty Points is one of Canada’s favourite savings programs of all time! And Right now, P&G has joined Presidents Choice in these exclusive coupons to get Extra Points while you shop!

This is a great way to get FREE Optimum points when you are already purchasing products anyhow.


New P&G Bonus Points to Load

PC Optimum point coupons

Tons of New P&G offers for PC bonus points

How to Use PC Optimum Points Coupons

The following coupon offers are digital coupons. Once you select all the offers you want, you will be directed to the login page for PC Optimum Points, and they are loaded onto your card/number.

The Coupon Portal is Websaver.

Digital Coupons are the Bomb! No Printer is needed!

  • 6,000 points When you spend $20 or more by April 6th In the Ready to Eat Department
  • 1,000 points when you purchase PC Decadent Cookies 280-300g
  • 4,000 points For every $12 spent on PC Chocolate, Candy and Clusters 33-1100g
  • 5,000 points PC Diapers or Training Pants 20ea-144ea
  • 8,000 points For every $30 spent on Frozen PC Wings 700-907g
  • 3,000 points For every $10 spent on PC Chopped and Premium Salad Kits 298 – 369g
  • 1,000 points PC Cheese Bars 400g
  • 6,000 points For every $20 spent on PC Bathroom Tissue, PC Max Paper Towel & PC Facial Tissue
  • 5,000 points For every $20 spent on Life Brand Vitamins and Supplements

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All offers expire April 6, 2022


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    Making the Most of Your Points

    Combining the offers with sales is a no-brainer, but did you notice – Your points and deals don’t’ add up in the same week? Well, that’s how it is for me,  Maybe I have Murphy’s Law working against me, but I have found a few ways to make this work.

    Shop No Name PC Products

    Buy the Yellow Packaging every time you can substitute – Then, when you load your points, you will get more PC No name points to load for weekly offers.  And Usually, No Name products are the cheapest variety anyhow!

    Price Match!

    Most Loblaw stores’ prices match, so you may get lucky and find some offers on sale at a store across town from you.

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