Collect Points? Think PC Optimum Points Coupons! I’m sure PC optimum loyalty Points is one of Canada’s favourite savings programs of all time! And Right now, P&G has joined Presidents Choice in these exclusive coupons to get Extra Points while you shop!

This is a great way to get FREE Optimum points when you are already purchasing products anyhow.

NEW PC Optimum Bonus Points Load

There is a new offer for you to get a 800 Bonus PC Optimum points when you buy BECEL margarine with oat beverage.

For every $2 spent on the items indicated before applicable taxes and after all coupons and discounts are deducted, in a single transaction at any participating store location operating under the Loblaws Inc. and Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. banners, you will earn the points.

I have bought this Becel with oat beverage margarine before, and didn`t see any difference in the taste as with my normal Becel margarine!

It`s great for baking, cooking, frying or putting on your toast!

Simply load the offer at the link below, and sign into your PC Optimum account.

Load your Offer Here

This Offer ends November 10, 2021

New P&G Bonus Points to Load

PC loadable coupons for bonus optimum points

Tons of New P&G offers for PC bonus points

How to Use PC Optimum Points Coupons

The following coupon offers are digital coupons. Once you select all the offers you want, you will be directed to the login page for PC Optimum Points, and they are loaded onto your card/number.

The Coupon Portal is Websaver.

Digital Coupons are the Bomb! No Printer needed!

  • 1,000 optimum points For every $5 spent on Tide Pods or Tide Zero
  • Get 2,000 points when you spend $5 or more on Pepto Liqui-Caps
  • Get 8,000 when you spend $40 or more on Pampers Products
  • Get 2,500 when you spend $8 or more on Crest Toothpaste
  • Get 3000 when you spend $10 spent on Venus Deluxe Smooth
  • Get 1500 bonus optimum points  when you spend $5.00 on Microban Products
  • Get 1500 optimum PC points for every $5 spent on Mr. Clean Products
  • Get 3000 bonus PC Optimum points for every $10 spent on Swiffer Starter Kits
  • Get 4500 PC optimum points for every $15 spent on Herbal Essence Products
  • Get 1,000 bonus points for every $3 spent on Tampax Radiant Products
  • Get 1000 bonus points on  every $3 spent on Always Overnight Pads & Disposable Period Underwear
  • Get 7500 bonus points when you spend $25 or more on Always Discreet
  • Get 8,000 bonus points when you spend $20 on Pantene products
  • Get 4,000 bonus points on a  Vicks Early Defense
  • Get 3,000 when you spend $15 or more on Gain products
  • Get 3000 optimum points on every $15 spent on Ivory Snow Products
  • Get 1,000 optimum points when you spend $5 or more on Downy Beads
  • Get 1000 optimum points when you spend $5 or more on Old Spice Body Wash and Bar Soaps, Deodorant and Antiperspirants
  • Get 1000 bonus points when you spend $4 or more on Safeguard products
  • Get 9,000 optimum points for every Align product purchased
  • Get 3,500 bonus points on  every $10 spent on Oral-B Specialty Rinse
  • Get 6000 bonus points  on every $20 spent on Bounty Products
  • Get 5,000 optimum points for every $15 spent on Charmin Products
  • Get 1500 optimum bonus points for every $5 spent on Febreze Products
  • Get 6000 bonus points on $20 spent on Gillette Razor or Razor Handle Systems
  • Get 5000 optimum bonus points on  every $15 spent on King C. Gillette Beard Care
  • Get 10000 optimum bonus points when you spend $50 or more on Olay skincare

Click Here to Load your offers Now 

All offers expire December 31, 2021

Learn about PC Optimum Points Program if you are new!

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Making the Most of Your Points

Combining the offers with sales is a no-brainer, but did you notice – Your points and deals don’t’ add up the same week? Well, that’s how it is for me,  Maybe I have Murphys Law working against me, but I have found a few ways to make this work.

Shop No Name PC Products

Buy the Yellow Packaging every time you can substitute – Then, when you load your points, it seems you will get more PC No name points to load for weekly offers.  And Usually, No Name products are the cheapest variety anyhow!

Price Match!

Most Loblaw store’s prices match, so you may get lucky and find some offers that may be on sale at a store across town from you.

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