Walmart Canada now has a New Baby product box; after all, us being jealous for so long when our neighbours in America had a New baby box sample box for the last few years.

Walmart baby sample box Canada

Walmart now has a FREE Walmart Baby sample box to get a free baby box of products for creating a Baby Registry.

Head on over to and make a baby purchase

Link to Walmart Baby Section

Once completing you can then come back from making a purchase online; you can order a free baby box of samples and money-saving coupons.

Link to Appling for Walmart Free Baby box 

Baby box contents: will contain free baby samples with random baby products, and you may also receive coupons.

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Walmart Baby items

Walmart sells tons of baby items; you can choose everything from diapers and baby clothing ranging from newborns to 24 months.

  • Nursery items such as cribs, car seats, strollers, baby monitors,
  • Baby accessories such as bottles, baby blankets, crib sheets, spit-up towels, pacifiers,
  • Baby toys – everything from mobiles, floor toys and walking toys