Walmart Canada now has a New Baby product box; after all, us being jealous for so long when our neighbours in America had a New baby box sample box for the last few years.

Walmart Baby Registry Canada ( FREE Baby BOX)

Walmart Baby box sample free

Walmart now has a FREE Walmart Baby sample box to get a free baby box of products for creating a Baby Registry.  ( Who can say no to a gift)

Head on over to and make a baby purchase

Once completed, you can order a free baby box of samples and money-saving coupons from Huggies.


Baby box contents: will contain free baby samples with random baby products, and you may also receive coupons.

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    Newborn baby

    What is registry baby?

    A baby registry is a list of items at a local business or online shop that someone will see at your baby shower or before your baby is born.  The longer the baby shower registry item list is, you’ll make more choices.  The longer a baby registry.  It’s a great way for friends and family to purchase online using the Walmart app or in-store to buy your friend’s baby gear.  Baby registry presents are better than receiving random gift cards for the new mom to shop with!  It’s much more personal to receive wanted gifts, and the mom can shop from home to help friends and family purchase items she truly needs or wants as a gift. 


    pregnancy due date

    Make sure you add in your friend’s Due Date.

    Baby registry now available on

    Canada has a new Walmart baby registry!  The list includes everything you’ll need, from diapers and bottles to cribs and strollers, all at the prices found only on  I love how it’s easy to see whether or not an item is available in a local store or online and what shoppers across Canada think of those items with different ratings from one to five stars!  Planning for my family is going much smoother now that I’ve been able to jump onto this new registry quickly, thanks to its variety of products, ease of use, and affordable prices!

    You might not want to plan for the baby until it’s time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a head-start on some of the more tedious parts.  Are baby clothes a must-have?  What about a crib?  Luckily Walmart has everything you need to know in one place with their gift registry.  It isn’t always easy to make decisions when faced with products from all over the world.  Still, the Walmart Canada baby registry list is designed just for that purpose—wondering if buying organic clothing is worth it or what activities are best once undersized bigs arrive?

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    Walmart Baby items

    Walmart offers tons of different baby items; you can choose everything from diapers and baby clothing ranging from newborns to 24 months.  Walmart is also well known for online and in-store deals for everything for those precious babies.

    • Nursery items such as cribs, car seats, strollers, baby monitors,
    • Baby accessories such as bottles, baby blankets, crib sheets, spit-up towels, pacifiers,
    • Baby toys – everything from mobiles, floor toys and walking toys