Suppose you are looking for free Perfume samples in Canada below. In that case, you will find all the ways not to miss receiving a free perfume sample, and we’ll show you all the different cosmetic companies that have recently given away free perfume samples in Canada in early 2022.

Perfume is more than just a pretty scent to cover up with it. It can be considered a personal signature.  It is impressive that two women can wear the same perfume, but both can smell quite different, just because of how our bodies react to it.

Every year most Perfume/ Cologne companies come out with a new Fragrance or spin from a previous line of their choice.  It can be challenging to decide what to choose when you are at the store.

Besides going to the cosmetic store that constantly requires you to spray a piece of paper to sniff tests, sometimes it can seem hard to decide with such a tiny amount, and your nose can seem to be overdone in as little as 15 minutes of trying different perfumes.

This is why finding free perfume samples in Canada online is always fun, because at least that way, you can hope you get one of those tiny sample bottles to sample the scent for a few days.

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    Sampler: Best Source of Free Perfume Samples Canada

    I think Sampler is one of Canada’s best sources of free perfume samples. Be sure to Join Sampler – Every month, they have a party and release a bunch of free samples on their dashboard. Where usually, every few months, a free perfume sample of a fragrance perfume or cologne will show up for you to Apply to TRY to get a free sample of the latest brands.  Also, Sampler has a monthly contest where you can win a Free Sampler Box with all the free samples, including possibly perfume samples.

    In mail free perfume samples Canada

    Finding the Latest Free Beauty Products

    If you are a lover of trying to find new beauty products to try out, Make sure you join Top Box Circle – as they host many free samples per month as a way to apply to try the latest cosmetics samples – and usually, the TopBox Circle Samples are more significant than an envelope size. Join Top Box Circle to get free perfume samples in Canada.

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    We break up our Free Samples into selected Categories, and one of them happens to be Free Beauty Samples – where you will find the latest opportunities for Canadian residents to apply to try to get a free perfume sample – our page is updated regularly, so almost all opportunities will not take you to a 404.  Previously we have seen direct offers from perfume companies such as Gucci and other top brand companies.

    Previously free perfume samples in Canada included the following brands.


    You can get Mugler Angel Nova Eau de Parfum - one of the best free perfume samples Canada

    But you can still join Mugler to find out if they have more future sampler opportunities with Sampler at a later date.  Also, you should join their social media page on Facebook to see if they happen to advertise to you. There is a free sample available.

    There were three other perfume offers, Including Angela Nova, hosted through Sampler this previous year, so always sign up and try your Apply to Try with all free perfume opportunities with them.

    Lancome had a free Sample opportunity in June of 2021  for Soleil Crystal Perfume, which also used the Sampler platform for Canadian women to apply for their latest free perfume samples in Canada.

    Tom Ford Free Perfume- one of the great free perfume samples Canada

    Tom Ford Perfume

    Tom Ford Perfume – In April 2021 and November 2020, you could get a free perfume sample of the Black orchid Eau Da Parfum. You had to visit and like Tom Ford on all social media in hopes of finding a sponsored ad inviting you to receive a free sample of their new perfume.

    How to become a product tester in  Canada

    But here at Canadian Free Stuff – since we’ve been showing you where to find samples for over 20 years, we have a dedicated page for Lancome free samples, where you can always find the latest free sample available.