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Tom Ford Free Perfume

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Tom Ford Perfume Sample Opportunity

There is a new hidden free smelling sample on a Hidden Sponsored Ad. If you can find it using our few hints, you can then enjoy a sample of Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum, an addictive blend of black truffle, narcotic ylang-ylang and golden rich rum.

How to Find This Hidden Sample

Like and follow Tom Ford on Facebook

Scroll their page spend a minute or two on it, looking at photos or videos.

Then wait a bit and refresh your newsfeed.

It may take up to 6 hours for your newsfeed to show the sponsored ad, where then you would “Sign up for the offer.

This is the picture you will see when it’s available to you, and then you would click the signup button.

You can also try to get the sponsored ad to show up on Instagram by following Tom Ford on Instagram. 

While Qualities last!

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FREE Samples!

Canadian Free Stuff has been providing Canada Residents with free samples since 1999. We try our best to find the most recent samples available that a true offer and not a scam. Unfortunately, in 2020, free samples are harder to find, and most advisors have moved to Product Review Opportunities. 


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Tom Ford Free Perfume


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