Now Burberry is offering a free sample fragrance just for us, ladies!!! Can you say excited!!

Here is another FREE Burberry Brit Rhythm sample for Women. This one is from Hudson’s Bay’s Facebook page!!

Burberry Free Sample

  1. Sign up at Burberry to receive three Brit Rhythm tattoo samples for men.
  2. Brit Rhythm is Burberry’s new fragrance for men that Rock and Roll inspired.
  3. You can sign up with Facebook, or you can fill out the online form.

Warning It reads Zip code on the form, but it is Canadian friendly

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Free Sample

    The Burberry Brand

    Founded in 1856 in the United Kingdom by Thomas Burberry

    Find hot styles for men and women. Cool accessories like scarves, handbags, and also fragrances that are sure to delight. They are always in the know about the latest styles and trends. If it’s hot off the runway, you can be sure that Burberry will know about it.

    This company has just launched its newest Men’s Fragrance Brit Rhythm. Inspired by rock and roll and musicians. After all, there is nothing quite sexier than a bad boy musician, am I right, ladies? Well, maybe a great-smelling hot musician.

    Tartan Pattern

    Did you know that Burberry was the first to introduce the Tartan pattern? It is also the most copied trademark out there.