We created this Free Music Streaming Services Canada Page to find Free Music Apps, including Online Streaming and online radio, for your mobile phone pleasure.

We all love Music- It’s all in the soul! That’s what we have in the ordinary, no matter where we are.

We all want music on the go, especially for our phones to plug into the car via Bluetooth or listen to the speakers!

Free Music streaming in Canada services

We all hate paying for music!

We used to have to pay per song or album (for example, Itunes)

But now, more and more companies, Including Itunes, are offering Opt for subscription-based music streaming Libraries.

It makes sense – It’s more economical to pay $10-$20 per month and get all the music you can handle for a set amount, vs paying for songs individually at $1.00 or $1.50 for each song.

There are many free music streaming options with a FREE Music Application.

Of course,  include upgrades to be “ad-free,” and Let’s look at the current options that offer free music streaming services  in Canada (most have options to upgrade to premium accounts)


Free Music Streaming Services Canada


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services


This free Streaming Music Portal has been around for a long time- I’m sure you have heard of it if you are not already a user!

You will get access to almost every song imaginable and probably close to a thousand different playlists, you can listen to.

As a user, you can create your playlist to listen to or share with your friends.

The FREE version does have ads and is limited to shuffle plays.

Apps Include: Apple, Google, Microsoft

Upgrade Version:

Upgrade to Premium will cost you $9.99 per month/ $14.99 per family. You can try one month FREE ( the First-month free offer excludes Quebec). The Premium offer gives users an Ad-Free Experience, On-demand playback, and offline access to your music.



Join AccuRadio for free!

Join AccuRadio for free and create a personalized listening experience! With AccuRadio, you can save your channel history and favourites, build a custom channel of all your favourite songs, hear fewer commercials per hour, quickly access your favourite channels, unlock the 5-Star channel to playlists of your top-rated music.


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services



Deezer is a Spotify competition – and they are giving Spotify a run for its money. They claim to have  53 million songs!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Spotify, Deezer would be your best bet.

You can listen to songs, create song playlists etc., just like Spotify.

The FREE Membership – You will have to deal with ads, Shuffle Play
Online Listening

Free Apps Include: Microsoft for Windows 10




Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

Google Play

Google Play

Of Course, Google had to get into the Music Streaming business too!

Google Play Music evolved back in November 2011.

Like other Streaming Music Platforms, users can upload and listen to 50,000 songs from their libraries.

You can listen to streaming music from a library of over 40 million songs and subscribe to podcasts or curated playlists.

A paid subscription entitles users to on-demand streaming and access to YouTube Music Premium. The subscription is $9.99 a month, with a $14.99 family option.

Another Popular free music streaming services available to Canadians


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

If you already have Amazon Prime – You can stream music from their library – Only 1 million songs. But all music is Ad-free.

It’s a Perk of being part of Amazon Prime, which is a $7.99 fee:

Amazon Music Unlimited is CDN$ 9.99/month + any taxes after your free trial. Cancel anytime. Quebec residents receive an initial 2-month subscription instead of a free trial.

I think this is one of the most popular free music streaming services all around because it is easy to play on a desktop or on Prime App.


Free Music Apps with Online Radio Stations



Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise is an Internet radio station that is a very electric rock station. This channel offers mainly FM channels. It has various music and plays different pop and rock music styles. All of the classes are DJ-mixed. There are over 16000 songs in the library, and the entire library has over 2 Million songs.

It is Ad-Free and is only financially supported through donations from listeners.

Also, what is unique is that listeners online can rate and comment on individual tunes.

Find all Ways to Listen, including Apps



Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

Radio Tunes

Radio Tunes

RadioTunes was launched in 2004 and had over 90 channels of curated music. The channels cover jazz to rock, new age to oldies, Movie Tracks and everything in between.

They claim to have Channel Directors – real people for each station that create the playlists.

There are also mobile applications for your convenience.

Free Apps Include: Amazon Kindle, IOS, and Apple

Upgrade to Premium to get “NO Ads” and better quality sound without interruptions.  You can upgrade for $6.00 per month.


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio delivers a listening experience uniquely tailored to your choice of music.  It gives you hundreds of stations and access to millions of songs in every genre of music you can think of. Plus, You can get exclusive content from live music and celebrity lifestyles.

They provide both FREE and subscription-based access to their program. Includes a Mobile App for those that want music on the go.

Just a slight warning, the FREE Version does come with Ads.

Free Apps Include: Apple, Google, Amazon Kindle

Subscriptions start at $3.99 ( Ad-Free), or $9.99 to receive Play on Demand and Listen offline.


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services

I Heart Radio


IHeartRadio is a Canadian Company out of Toronto, Ontario – But they give the user over 100 channels of music, including Live streams throughout Canada and the USA.  Access Virgin Radio, CJAY, CHUM FM, QM-FM and more.

There are tons of variety of music for all your moods. Tons of Free podcasts to listen to as well.

Free Mobile Application as well on Google and Apple ( Scroll to bottom of page)

There is No Subscription Fee for this free music streaming  Services in Canada.


Free Music Streaming Services Canada | Free Music Streaming Services


Tune In Radio

It’s pretty simple – It’s just suitable old Radio Stations with live DJs and full of standard commercials you usually have with your car radio.

Get Music of Most genres. Includes Commercial-free music by Live DJs and special guests

Get the Latest News: Coverage from Fox, CNN, Local, International and more.

Also, you can listen to Podcasts on this Online Radio Network. – From chart toppers to New Podcasts. Immerse yourself into the world of talk radio.

There is also a FREE App for Your phone. ( Apple, Google, Microsoft)

Paid Subscription options

For $12.36 a month to remove the ads, this subscription also offers a special treat for the sports lover: access to live NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games.


Did we miss any useful Free Music Streaming Services Canada?