Spotify has been around for a few years! You can play any free song with unlimited skips, and it is a great device to download music and create your only music streaming playlist. Choose from a family mix to listen to play on a road trip or create a few working-out playlists all on your device. But using the Spotify 3 months free trial has tons of ads you have to listen to and is limited to what Spotify can offer.

There is a huge difference between Spotify free version and the Spotify premium account.

Ad-free music with the Spotify premium!

Recently, Spotify has been accused of increasing the number of ads that users have to listen to; it could be due to the economy, costs of running servers, and the increase of free Spotify users.

At the moment, there is now a way to get Spotify premium for free by signing up for Spotify premium; you will get a 3-month free trial version plus some other advances, which we discuss further below.

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Spotify Free Trial Canada! Get Ad-FREE

It’s the difference between listening to the radio station via Sirius Radio!  That’s the same idea and difference between a free Spotify account and becoming a  premium Spotify user!

Listening to your music on a separate app, playing a duo mix on the app, listening to favourite songs, and enjoying the features of installing on various devices are all ad-free.

Here’s what the Premium Spotify Account Offers, which the Free Version device does not!

  • Get Ad-free music listening
  • Access to play any song on-demand
  • Download and listen to music offline
  • Very high sound quality

Install today, Including on android devices, to get the Spotify app. 

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How can I get Spotify Premium for free?

Spotify themselves offers a Free premium Spotify account offer to increase more users to sign up to try out the premium accounts.

This offer is only valid for new signups to the version without ads during the streaming music playlists.

Spotify 3 months free Canada

The 3 Month trial is for individual accounts Accounts only, but you can also get a Month free with a duo, family or even a student account

Choose to Sign up online, or new users may  download the free music app (Spotify app)  that can be installed on the following devices

You can then listen and download your music offline and playlist to listen to the music on your account on the following devices

  • Windows version
  • android
  • ios
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Tablet
  • Speaker
  • Webplayer

The only way to get Spotify premium free is to be new to the Premium Spotify account; this offer is not for those already a Premium subscriber.

You can cancel anytime during the FREE Spotify Premium Promotion, but you will be charged with the payment method you provided during the signup.

The Free Spotify premium trial ends December 30, 2021

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What are the Benefits of Spotify Premium?

Here are the main features of using the Spotify device!

The premium Spotify app lets you have these quality features once you upgrade to a paid premium music account.

  • Download unlimited amounts of songs and listen to the songs anywhere
  • Enjoy offline listening to your favourite songs and podcasts with no ads
  • uninterrupted music play
  • music streaming on the go using the Spotify app
  • The First three months are free on a single account (for one)

spotify premium benefits

the Spotify Canada Paid Plans

Choose from the Spotify accounts based on the users on the account.

  • Individual plan Accounts are $10.00 Cdn per month.
  • Duo Accounts are $12.99 Cdn per month.
  • Family Accounts are $15.99 Cdn per month, Which lets you have six premium accounts.
  • Student accounts are $4.99 per month.

Is there a free Spotify version?

Yes, there is a Free Download! Enjoy listening to songs, available playlists and podcasts, all from the mobile app. Includes a version for android as well.

Search the song, playlist, or podcast once you download and install the app to find free podcasts.

Click Here to Download the free version of Spotify.

What are your favourite songs to add to your free Spotify premium account?