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Elf yourself - turn yourself into an elf and create a cool video with song and dance


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Go Elf Yourself is back online!

The holiday season is in full swing and even though our world may seem very upside down this year, There’s only one way to find Joy and that is to smile, and nothing brings a smile more than watching someone dance – even in a cartoon setting. We’re talking about the fun holiday app ElfYourself.I love this little free Program. Even though it’s been around a few years – it still brings a smile to my face when I see it go viral each December!

How to Elf Yourself

  • Take pictures or use the ones you have on your computer.
  • Use their online tools to shape the faces etc., to fit into their cartoons.
  • Publish and Share

How To Save Elf Yourself Video

  • You can create up to 5 Elves.
  • Choose Photos from Desktop, Facebook or Webcam
  • Choose from a variety of songs ( and not all Christmas)
  • Share with Friends or Family for Free
  • Download to Keep for $3.99 (Videos are all erased in 30 days if not downloaded)

It’s Cute; it’s Fun! And best of all, it’s FREE to create and share on social media!

Click here to Get this Program ( and your friends/Family)


How to Download Elf Yourself Video for Free 

You can create the video for free, you can share it on all social media, email, embed it into your website, you can do so much for free, and it will all vanish in 30 days for FREE. Still, if you want to download it for keeps, it’ll cost you $3.99, There are ways you could probably get around it, but it’s not really fair to Oddcast if you around them.

How to Share Elf Yourself on Facebook

  1. Upload a picture of faces; it could be yourself, friends, coworkers etc., up to 5 elves can be created. It’s much better than it was years ago; there’s a zoom, and line up the line with the crease of your mouth,
  2. Choose a song; there’s at least a dozen or so to choose from
  3. Choose Share and select the Facebook button; you will then choose from Facebook to where you want to share, such as on Newsfeed or a group etc.

How Long has Elf Yourself been around?

It’s been around since 2013, at least from what I can remember!

This has now become a holiday success! Every year people can update their video or laugh at the previous! It’s so cute and very trendy these days!

News? Every year they come out with new dances and original Christmas songs for you to enjoy and design your little elf party!

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Elf yourself - turn yourself into an elf and create a cool video with song and dance


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