GO ELF YOURSELF ! Make Your Family Elves!

Elf Yourself



Go Elf Yourself is back online!

I love this little free Program.  Even though it’s been around a few years – it still brings a smile to my face when I see them.

What is this little program?  Go Elfyourself and how does it work?

  • Simply take pictures or use the ones you have on your computer
  • Use their online tools to shape the faces etc to fit into their cartoons.
  • Publish and Share

Other Mentions:

  • You can create up to 5 Elves
  • Choose Photos from Desktop, Facebook or Webcam
  • Choose from a variety of songs ( and not all Christmas)
  • Download to Keep for $1.99 (Videos are all erased January 1, 2019
  • Share with Friends or Family for Free

It’s Cute it’s Fun ! and best of all it’s FREE


Clicking on RED Download Button will prompt you to pay a small fee

Click here to Get this program( and your friends/Family)

Free Software Ends every new year’s on January 1st   till next holiday season

How Long has Elf Yourself been around?

It’s been around since 2013 at least from what I can remember!

This has now become a holiday success! Every year people can update their video or laugh at the previous! It’s so cute and very trendy these days!

Whom does this?

This is Office Depot’s Holiday creation!


Every year they come out with new dances and new Christmas songs for you enjoy and design your little elf party!





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