Annual Time  to enjoy some hot beverages. The Starbucks for Life Canada Contest is coming back this December in time for our Canadian friends who are busy wrapping up everything they need before travelling over at Christmas or spending quality family time together during these cold winter months.

If you are a Starbucks lover this month, you will love purchasing your favourite festive drinks, such as a peppermint mocha.

Suppose you are a Newbie to this Annual Starbucks for Life Canada Game! It’s the highlight of the Year for Starbucks drinkers, much like the Tim Hortons Roll Rim to Win Game and McDonald’s Monopoly.

In the Annual Game of Starbucks for Life Canada, you will play a little game where you can win anything from some bonus stars on your account, free food and drinks, plus a chance to win FREE Starbucks for life. $268,583.1 worth of prizes will be given away this year with Starbucks Canada.

The game can feel overwhelming, but we are here to break it down and explain how to play Starbucks games. You won’t feel so overwhelmed, Plus you can play online for a chance to win free drinks, bonus stars and some holiday season Swag. The Starbucks for Life Canada game is a free online game, so there is no cost to play.

Free Starbucks for life game

Starbucks For Life Canada is Back for 2023.

The game starts on November 28, 2023, and ends on January 1, 2024.

So, Essentially, 33 days to earn gameplay and hopefully win a grand prize or two with Starbucks Coffee Canada

How to Play

Once you get into the rhythm of playing, the annual game becomes effortlessly addictive. It’s important to note that the Starbucks for Life Canada Game is exclusively for Canadians. While our American neighbours participate in a similar game, they have their own set of fun, URLs, and more. The Canadian game is specifically designed for Canadians, meaning that the prizes mentioned here are exclusive to Canada and not applicable to the USA. Although North America participates simultaneously, it’s important to remember that participants cannot win prizes from other regions.

All that is required is you need to be a Starbucks Member ( and that’s free to sign up for if you don’t already have one)

Then you can either Play Starbucks for Life Canada Game by Purchasing your favourite holiday drink, play online for FREE, or a combination to play if you would like, and we’ll go into details starting with How to Play when you purchase. But first, let’s make sure you can get signed up.

Starbucks Rewards App | Play Starbucks for Life Canada Game and win from 628 great prizes

Become a Starbucks Rewards member.

Either way, if you want to Play with Starbucks for Life Canada (Free or purchasing), you must be a Member.

Sign up online at their website, or use the Starbucks app if you want to do it from your mobile device.

  1. Be a Rewards Member ( see above for details) ( from the Starbucks rewards loyalty program and or registered Starbucks card.
  2. Earn free gameplay with every purchase that qualifies using your rewards card or app).
  3. Earn Additional Game Plays as bonus entries by ultimately Purchasing challenges.

Collect Game pieces, and you can win a prize, including instant win prizes.

Two Ways to Play

We’ll show you two ways to participate in the Starbucks for Life Contest.

  1. One is via purchase, and you can earn one play daily
  2. One is to play daily online for FREE to earn gameplay

First, We’ll discuss the Purchase Beverage Method.

Free Starbuck Cup | You can enter Starbucks for Life Canada Contest by purchasing Beverage

Purchase Your Daily Starbucks

Earn a Daily entry into the Starbucks for Life Canada game piece of the gameplay with every purchase. You can earn a single entry daily.

Also, by Purchasing at your participating Starbucks store, you have some advantages by getting bonus gameplay according to the official rules.

Earn Bonus Game Play with Purchase Challenges

If you have to buy holiday Starbucks drinks or any beverage item at Starbucks regularly during the Starbucks for Life Canada game, Yogamen gets a few more plays. Each Purchase Challenge is for qualifying purchases at a Starbucks Canada location.

  • This excludes purchasing Starbucks gift cards and Starbucks card reloads.
  • 1 Challange per promotion Period

Bonus Game Plays: During the Promotion Period, each Entrant may receive bonus Game plays,
as outlined below.

  1. Load up your account (adding money to a current card or an auto-reload)
    to receive one (1) bonus Gameplay.
  2. Order ahead: During the Promotion Period, make as many Mobile Order and pay purchase
    transaction to receive one (1) bonus Gameplay.
  3. Treat someone: During the Promotion Period, purchase at least two (2) drinks in one
    transaction as many times as indicated on the Promotion Site at a participating
    Starbucks store
  4. Treat yourself: During the Promotion Period, depending upon the specific challenge listed
    on the Promotion Site, make as many purchase transactions as indicated on the Promotion
    Site at a participating Starbucks store
  5. Shake it up: During the Promotion Period, play the Game the indicated number of days OR
    the number of days in a row (
  6. Redeem Stars: During the Promotion Period, visit a participating Starbucks store and
    redeem the number of Stars as indicated on the Promotion Site to receive one (1) bonus
    Game play.
  7. Afternoon Pick Me Up: During the Promotion Period, make as many purchase transactions
    after 12:00pm local time

Play Starbucks Online Daily for FREE

Increase your odds by playing online every day! This is a great way to increase your odds of winning a prize from the Starbucks for Life Canada contest. So if you can’t afford to purchase a Starbucks every day, don’t worry; you can play online every day for a chance to play the Starbucks for Life Canada game for Grand Prizes and win instantly for FREE.

Sign in to your account, and you will receive 1 GamePlay; you fill in all the instructions to play the game, and the game gets either an Instant Win or a Collect and Win Game Piece to become a potential prize winner.

Each person may get 1 Game Play during the promotion just for Registering; plus, each person can earn up to 2 Gameplays per day.

You can earn over 68 gameplays for FREE if you play—twice a day from the start to the end of the Starbucks for Life Canada contest.

Click Here to Play Online

Collecting Game Pieces

Whether you play from purchasing at Starbucks or the online game, you can collect Game pieces by playing the game when you get 3 IDENTICAL Game Pieces.

Game Piece Prizes

Starbucks for life prizes

Collecting the Game Pieces where some of the big larger prizes are and how many are given out.

For example:

  • Win 1 Prize for Starbucks for Life
  • Win 1 of 2 Prizes of 20,000 Aeroplan points
  • Win 1 of 2 Prizes for Starbucks for a year

Win Free Starbucks on Starbucks for Life Canada game

Instant Win Starbucks Giftcards

There will be 800,000 random, computer-generated winning times for instant winning online

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • Win 1 of 5000: Starbucks $10 Gift Card
  • Win 1 of 20,000: Starbucks $5.00 Gift Card
  • Win 1 of 50,000 25 bonus stars ( $0.86)
  • Win 1 of 125,000 10 bonus stars
  • Win 1 of 600,000 5 bonus stars

Rules & Regulations

  • Residents of Canada
  • Age of Majority
  • Can play Daily & additional bonuses
  • The contest ends on December 31, 2023

Click Here to Play


Hacks to Winning a Major Prize?

Play at odd hours. Most Canadians live in the Eastern Time Zone, so use that as a base if their average time is 7 AM to 9 PM – Play outside this time zone when possible.

West Coast Play at night right before Bed, 9 PM to 12 AM or get up at dawn 5 AM.

If you are in the Atlantic Time Zone, Play at 7 AM or 9 PM.

Starbucks for Life Canada, does anyone win?

Yes, and after the contest is over and confirmed winners after taking the mathematical skill-testing questions,

Winners for the Contest of Starbucks for Life Canada by Clicking Here for 2023 after the winners have been confirmed.

What are the Terms & Conditions? Click Here for the official rules

What does Starbucks for life mean?

The Term Starbucks for Life means the prize winner would receive a free food item or complimentary beverage daily for 30 years as a credit on their registered Starbucks Card.

  • How much would the prize be worth?

It is worth $60,772.50 according to the regulations.

Is the game rigged?

No, but prizes are generated by the second, and there are only so many pieces and prizes to be won. If you read the rules, the odds of winning are not guaranteed.