Covid 19 is still a threat this year, and well Tim Hortons last year went digital during the contest, and this year for 2022, it will be an all-digital version for this popular yearly contest. Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Contest for you to enter rolluptowin ca

Tim Hortons Roll Up to Win 2022

It’s  Changed the contest name to Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 and dropped the “RIM” part of the contest name. Signifying that you no longer have the act of physically rolling up the rim using a paper cup in hopes of winning a prize, which is great because I always felt bad for giving the cashing a cup portion of where my mouth could have been.

Tim Hortons officially announced traditional cups that roll up to retire the whole Please play again. Now everyone is a Winner; in addition to winning hot beverages, people will win prizes for breakfast sandwiches and cold beverages.

It’s Bigger than Ever – Spring Edition March 2022 has the Largest Prizes EVER! 

The best part? This Roll to Win 2022 will have the largest prize pool ever.

Roll up the Rim 2022 prizes

Prizes for Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Part 2 includes 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles, vacations, electronics, gift cards, and subscriptions, plus nearly 12 million coffees, 4 million donuts, and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards more. Details below.

Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Spring Edition Dates

The Spring  Edition of Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 returns starting at 12:00:00 a.m. ET on  March 7, 2022, and ends on April 3, 2022

Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Prizes

The Prizes in Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 (large ones)

  • 15 x Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Package
  • 10 x week-long (6-night) vacations to select Hilton international resorts,
  • 150 x 2-night weekend getaways (awarded as Hilton Be My Guest Certificates
  • 750 x Parks Canada Family/Group Discovery Passes,
  • 10 x CanaDream RV rentals
  • 100 x Samsung Smart 4K UHD 65” TVs,
  • 100 x Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones,
  • 20 x Microsoft Surface Pro 8s, A
  • 234 x $1,000 CAD American Express prepaid cards
  • 50 x ‘Movies for a Year’ with Cineplex® Premiere Cards
  • 10 x Home Hardware $5,000 CAD eGift Card prizes;
  • 1,000 x Home Hardware $100 CAD digital gift cards;
  • 50 x The Bay $100 CAD digital gift cards;
  • 10 x JOURNIE ‘Fuel for a Year’ prizes,
  • 20,000 x Uber Eats $20 CAD Digital Gift Cards
  • 250 x Special Edition Tim Hortons Chilly Moose 12L Harbour Buckets,
  • 50 x Special Edition Tim Hortons 55L Ice Boxes by Chilly Moose,
  • 300 x PKG® Carry Goods Travel Essentials Bundles,
  • 1,500 x Skullcandy Grind True Wireless Earbuds
  • 100,000 x SN NOW 3-month sports streaming subscriptions,
  • 1,000 x 1-year subscriptions to The Athletic,
  • 45,000 x $25 CAD Tim Card® Gift Cards.

Digital Prizes

  • 150,000 x 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC,
  • 70,000 x Cineplex Store® Digital Rental Codes
  • 20,000 x $10 off a Home Premiere Rental on the Cineplex Store® Digital Codes
  • 100,000 x The Bay $10 CAD Promotional eGift Cards;\
  • 250,000 x JOURNIE Fuel $0.05/L discount codes
  • 250,000 x JOURNIE Fuel $0.07/L discount codes
  • 250,000 x Chilly Moose 25% off Digital Discount Codes
  • 100,000 x $10 CAD Crave Promo Codes;
  • 100,000 x $40 off Tim Hortons Collection only on Promo Codes;
  • 200,000 x 50% off Tim Hortons Collection Promo Codes
  • 4,000,000 x 40% off (MSRP) Discount Codes
  • 300,000 x 3-month subscriptions to The Athletic, ARV $19.99 each;

Prize Sponsors in Contest

2022 Roll Up the Rim Prizes


Find Prizes from Hilton, Volkswagon, Skull Candy, Cineplex, Home Hardware, Samsung, Crave, Xbox, Uber Eats, Fas Gas, Chevron, and a few more.

Digital Roll- Roll Up the Rim to Win

How to Play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022

Purchase items to earn digital rolls.

You can earn a “ROLL” on each eligible purchase by either scanning your Tim Hortons Rewards Card or Swipe on your digital card on the Tim Horton’s App.

What Items can you earn a Digital Rolls?

Menu Items will include

Hot and Cold Beverages  ( Excludes espresso shots and ready to drink beverages such as pop, water, milk, juice)

Breakfast Sandwiches, Wraps

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win Rules, Winners

There is No limit on the number of rolls you can earn, PLUS Every Roll Wins a Prize!

But you won’t earn “Rolls” if you place an order through a food delivery app such as Door Dash, Skip the Dishes etc.

How to Obtain Rolls for Roll Up to Win Contest

How do I get my Digital Rolls?

Once your order at Tim Hortons is completed, a digital roll will appear in your account when you log in at or open your mobile app on your phone, also known as your Tims Rewards Card.

What happens if you forget to Scan your Rewards Points

Sorry, Rolls cannot be retroactively added to your account. (Tims Rewards account)

Can I Earn a Roll When I Redeem a Coffee Prize?

The Answer is No. Products received by redeeming Roll to Win Prizes, Tims Rewards points are not eligible to earn Digital Rolls.

Is There a Limit on How Many Digital Rolls I Can Get?

There is no limit to how many digital rolls you can earn

How do I Roll the Rolls?

Sign in to your account via or use your Tim Hortons App on your phone, and correctly answer a math question; simply Click on the Button that Says “Roll Now” to reveal the Roll.

How to Obtain a No Purchase Method Roll

To obtain Rolls without purchasing Tim Hortons, you can send a FREE request in writing on a plain white piece of paper, including:

Name, email address, address etc.
A statement indicating whether the request is for:
One Roll and then In an envelope send it to

Roll Up the Rim to Win Contest Address (Mail-In )

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Contest, PO Box 12305, Saint John, NB E2I 5E7.

  • The Digital Roll(s) received in connection with an eligible Roll Request will be delivered via email to the email address you provided. You will receive a special URL and get instructions on how to access the digital Roll.  To be eligible, Roll Requests must be postmarked received by
  • Limit of one Roll Request per envelope with sufficient postage.

Tim Hortons Contest Winner on Digital Roll- Roll Up the Rim to Win 2021

Now Every Digital Roll is a WINNER

Tim Hortons contest now has more prizes available than ever before; Besides the normal lineup of free coffee and donuts, there will be prizes such as electronic devices, subscriptions to streaming services, and Tim Points, plus

How does The Roll Up the Rim to Win Contest Work

You will start by scanning your Tim Hortons App or by using the Tims Reward Physical card when making a purchase; you will earn more or one “Rolls which will reveal the prize you won

When does the Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Contest Start?

When does it start?

Roll up the rim to win 2022 is launching on March 7, 2022

Digital Roll Deadline:

Digital Rolls ends at Midnight Eastern Time (Ontario) on April 3, 2022

Timmy’s Roll up the Rim to Win 2022 Contest Link

Click to Start Entering

Contest Ends April 3, 2022

Roll up the Rim to Win 2020

Tim Hortons Changed their normal RRR Roll up the Rim to Win to Rollup to win due to the pandemic and the number of germs Rolling up the Rim on the physical roll-up cups. Creative thinking led to doing the Roll up the Rim to just online and using the mobile app using a digital roll to win prizes,

Complete Contest rules:

Click Here for Full Rules for Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022, if you want to read about the contest period, eligible dream donuts, and find any New contest rules we didn’t mention.

How to Play When You Don’t Have A Cellphone

While you must be registered for Tims Rewards in order to play Roll Up To Win™, you do not need to have the Tims App. Participants who do not wish to download or use the app can always scan their physical Tims Rewards card while making eligible purchases, link it to their email address by registering for an account online, and reveal their digital rolls at

How Long Do I Have to Open My Digital Rolls?

  • All digital rolls must be revealed on or before
  • All coffee and food prizes must be claimed by (all other prizes are subject to their respective prize claim deadlines).

How to Redeem Prizes

After revealing your Roll (Using the Tim Hortons App or at, follow the instructions on how to redeem your prize – All Food prizes and hot beverage prizes will be issued in a digital coupon which will require activation in the section called “OFFERS & Rewards” on your mobile app.

If you win Tim Horton points or Gift Cards, they will be created to your account after winning.

Digital Prizes will be emailed to you immediately to the email account that your Tim Hortons Rewards Card is Linked to.

Complete Roll Up the Rim to Win 2022 Contest Rules

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