The Tim Hortons Hockey Challenge has new grand prizes available to win this year, Including Mini-Challenges and unique prizes. The Tim Hortons Hockey Challenge is a great way to earn free coffee; just by playing daily and choosing one right pick, you will get 5 reward points, It may not seem like much, but some days you will earn 10 and more. You could play daily for a week for a chance to redeem a free cup of coffee just by playing and winning points. After all, you only need something like 70 points for a Free Coffee.

Tim Hortons Hockey Challenge

NEW Tim Hortons Canada Contest! Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Challenge


How to Play Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Challenge 2022 Playoffs

Tim Hortons Hockey app

First off, you will need to make sure you have downloaded the Tim Hortons Mobil app!

You may already use this mobile app to get Tim Hortons Coupons! 

And after this Hockey Contest, we’ll roll right into the Rollupthe rim

Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Challenge Playoff  2022 Date

This NHL Hockey challenge contest is on until the Playoffs are over.

How to Play Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Challenge Playoffs 2022

Tim Hortons Contest: Win NHL Hockey Challenge: Win NHL FAT BIKE | tim hortons hockey challenge








We’ve already told you this contest Game is only on the mobile app, Now you need to Pick 3 Players that have good odds to score! If you are not a hockey fan, you will be scratching your head at this point.

Here are a few tips on picking players who will score in today’s game!

Fast and Dirty, pick  Players with the F for Forwards.

Plus, there are secret hacks for people who have created apps due to them running on free servers, and maybe they don’t want them mentioned; there are some helpers out there if you do some searching.

But you can also use the NHL Leader board to help find more strategic ways of stats on who picks for your leaderboard.

Daily Prizes for Choosing the right Players!

  • If 1 Player scores at least 1 Goal = 5 Tims Rewards points
  • if 2 Players score at least 1 Goal = 10 Tim Rewards Points
  • if all 3 players score at least 1 Goal = 50 Times Rewards Points

Tims Hockey Challenge Win free coffee for a week

If you can manage to Play the NHL Hockey Game Challenge daily,

and 1 or more of your selected players for 7 consecutive daily challenge periods scoring at least 1 Goal during a game held within each daily challenge period, you may be eligible to receive free coffee for a week ( Hot streak prize) -which may be redeemed for 1 hot brewed coffee or tea of any size per day for a consecutive period of 7 days.

Tim Hortons Contest: Win NHL Hockey Challenge: Win NHL FAT BIKE | tim hortons hockey challenge

New Leadership Mini-Challenges to win Prizes

Each Mini Challenge has its Chance to win prizes!

If you are competitive and want to get into the game, the top five players of the Tims NHL Hockey Challenge with the most points at the end of each Mini Challenge will get a chance to Win a grand prize! The leaderboard will then refresh for the next Mini Challenge.




Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Game Prizes

During the game, there will be  5 grand prizes are available in connection with the number of leaderboard point(s) obtained by participants:

  • 1st Place Grand Prize 1 trip to Florida to ALL STAR, and Fat Bike $2450 value
  • 2nd Place Grand Prize 1 x prize, consisting of NHL Team Fat Bike & Free Coffee for a year $1450
  • 3rd Place Grand Prize 1 x prize, consisting of NHL Fat Bike, $200 Tim Card, $100 NHL shop gift card
  • 4th Place Grand Prize 1 x prize, consisting of NHL fat bike  and $100 Tim Card and $100 NHL card
  • 5th Place Grand Prize 1 x prize, consisting of an NHL Fat Bike and a $100 Tim Card.

Tim hortons contest Hockey

How to Enter Tim Hortons Canada Contest

To enter Tim Hortons Canada Contest, Make sure you have the Tim Hortons app downloaded.

Login into the Rewards App (Register if you aren’t already) and play the Tims Hockey challenge by selecting three players you think will score a goal in that night’s game. Do you have a hockey fan, you know? Maybe they can help you pick the winning ones! If not, a random guess can be lucky too!

Submit your picks. That’s it! You can return to play daily.

Good Luck, hockey fans!

Contest Rules

  • The contest is open to residents of Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age 13 and older
  • Daily Entry

Click Here to Enter

This Tim Hortons Canada Contest Ends when the Playoffs are over.

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