Tim Hortons Contest: Hot Beverage Giveaway


Tim Hortons Hot Beverage Giveaway

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Tim Horton’s Contests!

Due to COVID 19, The Famous Roll Up the Rimm ( which needs a whole post on its own), got cancelled in March 2020, and they have replaced it with the HOT BEVERAGE Giveaway and held it off till October 28, 2020,


As of October 28th, 2020, approximately 4,780,194 Prizes remain available to be won. The total number of Prizes available to be won will decrease as they are awarded in accordance with these Rules.

Tim Hortons Hot Beverage Contest

  • The odds of winning a hot beverage to be 1:9.

How To Enter

All you need to do is participate at any Tim Hortons Restaurant, by purchasing a hot beverage in any Tim Hortons Restaurant.

You will be asked to scan your Tims Rewards card to participate or, if you do not have a Tims Rewards card, a Team Member will scan a printed QR code at the register to determine if your transaction is a winning transaction.

Mobile Orders will not count in this contest 

Contest Rules

  • Open Canadian Residents
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • chance to receive one (1) Hot Beverage for free per order.

Click Here to Enter

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How Was Tim Horton’s Created?

The business was founded by Miles G. “Tim” Horton, who played in the National Hockey League from 1949 until his death in a traffic collision in 1974. … Ron Joyce’s aggressive expansion of the Tim Hortons business resulted in major changes to the Canadian coffee and doughnut restaurant market


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Tim Hortons Hot Beverage Giveaway


  1. Love everything about Tim Hortons.
    Would love to take the love of my life to Tim Hortons with that card.
    Thank You Tim Hortons & Merry Christmas to all who work at the Canadian Tim Hortons Stores.


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