General Mills Canada – Free Mittens With Purchase



General Mills Promotion for Canada.

FREE Mittens from General Mills Canada.

How To Get Your FREE Mittens:

Purchase a box of specially marked General Mills Cereal and you will need to use the “PIN” inside the box ” in order to order online :

Choose from 1 of 3 Designs

  • Cheerio Bee
  • Lucky Charms – Hat
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Bread


  • Must make a Qualifying Purchase
  • Maximum of 4 pairs per household
  • While Supplies last ( There is 75,000 pairs of mittens available)

Click Here to Claim your offer

Free Mitten Offer ends January 31, 2019, or while supplies last

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General Mills Brand of Products

This brand is one of the largest food companies in the world. They manufacture cereals, snack foods, processed foods, and more. If the snacking bug has got you, look for a delicious General Mills product.

My kids adore Cheerios and cannot get enough. They would eat it for every meal if I would let them. I love the fact that it tastes great but provides the vitamins and minerals that their little bodies need.

I like Cheerios as well but one of my favourite General Mills product would have to be Nature Valley Granola Bars. When I am hungry and need a quick snack this is the product that I tend to run to. I love the fact that it is low fat and still delicious. It feels like you are eating a higher calorie snack. I don’t have to live with the guilt in the end but still feel satisfied.

If you are looking for a quick after-school snack or anytime snack for that matter, why not try Pillsbury Pizza Pops or Pizza Mini Snacks. These hit the spot and kids love them.


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  1. Very disappointed in this offer.I was very excited to get a free pair of mittens for my grandson. opened the box and guess what???? cant even read the unique code. i would say it was unique…..cant even read it. I purchased Multi-grain cheerios….to me this is false advertising on General Mills part. How furiating…Alot of B>S> . Have mentioned this to friends and they wont be purchasing your products any longer, including myself. There are many varieties and other reliable and trustworthy companies we would prefer to purchase from.

  2. Christine January 24, 2019
    I don”t really care to receive your mittens. I will continue to buy your product. I read sometime ago on the
    internet that if anyone wanting more fibre in their cereal that your multi grain has the most of it. I honestly
    consume at least 3 packages of your multi grain a week, have been for the last four or five years. most
    probably the honey one is just as good, however, it could be that it has a little bit too much sugar for me

  3. you are a very disappointing company tried the offer for the socks and you were all out of them long before the end date…really very disappointed so here l am again buying your cereal for the free mittens offer, well guess what offer is over and its not jan. 31 so again disappointed

    l think its about time l stopped buying your cereal! maybe you should just stop offering free stuff because no one is going to get it anyway…. there’s a thought.

  4. Expiry 31January 2019 for the mittens and it’s just the 20th. What you didn’t get enough in for the boxes of cereal you sold. That’s poor business, we just bought to get my nephews children them, good thing I didn’t tell them. And it looks like I’m not the only one disappointed in General Mills.

  5. Mittens not available, very disappointed.
    I should have realized your only interested is in making a sale.
    I have read the other comments and as I expected just a hoax!
    To disappoint an adults is one thing, but to disappoint kids is something entirely different
    Shame on you General Mills !!!!! Colleen Wangler

  6. Dissapointed that there r no mittens left although there r many boxes of cereal still in the stores for purchase still advertising the free mittens maybe next time don’t put out a ton of cereal boxes with the advertizment of free stuff when u only have a few to give away

  7. I tried in Dec, but it mentioned promotion ended. May be it is just to attract people and not giving anything. Just fake.

  8. I filled out the order form for the free mittens. However I did not receive a conformation that it went through. Can you please confirm that we will receive our childs mittens please.

  9. Your site comes up in French. I do not speak French, so I can assume that this offer is only good in Quebec.
    Too bad. I buy your brand of Cheerios a lot.

  10. You have a great setup: Free mittens except you cannot read the code because it is deliberately illegible. i.e. It is free for you . . . .

  11. I did as all instructions say.
    Enter all information.
    On all the links.
    Only to hit enter.
    It does not work.
    Tried for over an Hour.
    Same thing as much as I appreciate the FREE offer, that shows on website still available.
    Unfortunately my nephew that had me buy 4 boxes, so he could spend his own money, to send his cusions a fun give, in the sprit of sharing with others. He got a bit excited as kids do and said he was getting them for them. Like said site still says available.
    But does not work at all.
    Unfortunately not worth you’re time trying.
    Unfortunately all those kids that got their parents, Uncle or Aunt or other adult or even the kids own money.
    Have been let down by this offer.
    General Mills, should be able to make good on their offer even the way it is carefully written. Very unfortunate that they can not and will not make good on even what the legally put in writing.
    Extremely let down people who spent so much time and money supporting for over 40+yrs and their family, kids and loyal customers.

  12. The pin codes in box are 16. The FAQ says it has 17, but if you look at the sites pin examples they have 16.
    So what’s the deal. I’ve tried entering my pin code a number of times and like all the other people on here it doesn’t work.
    I would really like an answer to this. My children are upset about not getting the mittens.

  13. I cannot make out all of the letters and numbers on the code in the box. I would like to be able to send a picture of it.

  14. I can’t enter. I type in everything then once I hit ENTER it pauses there and does not proceed. Tried several computers. Bought the cereal just for this purpose…

  15. I lot of people in the comments above are having an issue to get the FREE MITTENS deal from General Mills. It did take me a few tries on a couple of websites to get the right link and process my order online. The best link to use to redeem your code to get this fantastic deal is at:
    The website link on the box of Honey Nut Cherrios that I purchased was not a good link.
    The link that is NO GOOD is: (DO NOT USE)
    The mittens are going extremely fast – Good Luck!
    GOGG LINK again is

  16. General Mills are a RIP OFF outfit.
    Offer free mitts. Qualified with order months ago.
    Told to wait til October
    It is now December and no mitts.
    Phoned their number. Closed
    No more General Mills for me
    E V E R !!!

  17. Tells me that they cannot verify my pin code and that I did not try this 4 times.. some of the code on box distorted. Not happy with this.

  18. Is this for real, I buy this product all the time, first time I see the mitten give away and says it has ended
    Are you people crocks or what????.

  19. I tried to register to collect the item advertised and it says i can’t join the community… ????

  20. trying to enter free mittens.cannot access entry a tall.not a good offer if the consumer can’t access.

  21. I have tried for half an hour to enter for the free mittens. IT’S NOT HAPPENING. Not impressed.

  22. Trying to enter free pot holder and magazine offer through post foods and cannot access entry at all. Seems easy to advertise this offer but if the consumer can’t access, it is not really a good offer.


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