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Canadian Mail-In Rebates 

There’s something about free or found money that’s especially rewarding when we encounter it. When we find that forgotten $20 bill in our jacket pocket, it’s actually quite a little thrill in our day, regardless of what we do with it. In many ways, that’s how mail-in rebates work, but now in 2020, skip the Mail in part, You can do it all online with a Proof of Purchase Upload. 

Go Coupons Rebates

Go Coupons Cash Back Rebates

Another Canadian Grocery Cash Back Rebate to add to our list of weekly matchups!  This is a great new feature brought to you by our...
Caddle app logo

Caddle Canada Rebates (Updated)

I've always been a fan of receipt scanning apps or cash back apps because they provide relatively straightforward ways to save money. And it's great...

Efficiency Nova Scotia Free Rebates

  Efficiency Nova Scotia Free Rebates   Service Rebates:  Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Basement Header Insulation Basement Slab Insulation Ceiling Insulation Centrally-Ducted Heat Pumps Draft Proofing...

Bosch Appliances Mail in Rebates

    New Bosch Mail-in Rebates are now Available Save up to $3300 depending on what items your purchasing for your kitchen as far as...

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