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New Bosch Mail-in Rebates are now Available

Save up to $3300 depending on what items your purchasing for your kitchen as far as appliances are concerned.

Valid only at participating authorized Bosch Canada dealers. The dealer will give you the full details.

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Offer valid on purchases

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Bosch Dishwashers – My Dream Purchase

Bosch Dishwashers are supposed to be top of the line – Many of my Bff friends have them, and they swear by them!  I even have a niece that will only purchase Bosch kitchen stuff – She swears by them and won’t purchase anything else.

I currently hate my new Dishwasher (It’s a different brand) and wish I would have spent the money and bought Bosch.  I can’t say I wasn’t warned, lol.

I hate having to practically wash my dishes to put them in the Dishwasher merely – I mostly do my dishes by hand because I am so disgruntled about the darn thing.!

What kind of Dishwasher do you run?

I know Bosch is German / European Built. They all seem to be on the higher end of pricing when it comes to appliances – Do you have a kitchen full of Bosch Appliances – I’m curious to know if they are all built to last like the dishwashers – which I have never heard anything bad about – like ever!