Did you know Goodyear Canada Rebates are available in Spring and Fall? Well, if you are looking for tire savings, or at least to see what kind of rebates are available when you change your tires, Check out the Goodyear tires rebate to know if you can get some Rewards.

Winter Tires can be very important if you live in Canada. We get tons of snow and ice, and sometimes it can be tough to stay on the road. Factory tires seem to only put on Summer tires when you drive it off the lot, so you may need to decide on getting All Seasons or Winter Tires.

Note that if purchasing tires, always look for the Snow sign to ensure you are safe for the winter months.

Goodyear Canada Rebate

Goodyear canada Rebate - Keep moving ahead- get up to $125 back+ 250 air miles®reward miles


It’ll vary depending on your tire type and sizing, but a Rebate is a Rebate.

  • Get up to $125 Back in Goodyear Tires Rebate WUB 4 Tires
  • Get 250 Bonus Air Miles WUB 4 Tires

Or Submit Online

This Goodyear Canada Rebate ends on December 31, 2022

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    How to Get a Goodyear Canada Rebate on Tires

    Good year instructions for Goodyear tires rebate

    • First, You will need to purchase select tires that have a Rebate
    • The purchase Invoice must be dated within the period from September 13, 2021, to December 31,
    • Gather needed items to submit your rebate
    • Redeem your Rebate

    You can also print off the Rebate to Submit

    Bonus Air Miles at Goodyear Canada Rebate

    When you purchase 4  Goodyear Tires, you can get 100 Bonus Air Miles at any participating Retailer.  It may take 90 days for the points to appear on your card balance.

    Tire Warranty

    Good Year stands behind most of their tires for 30 days. If you are unhappy with your tires, return them where you purchased them and exchange them for a different Goodyear Brand Tire.  (must not be damaged)


    Goodyear Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-321-2136.