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Lasagna Coupon for Bassilis Best



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Lasagna is so yummy, but can often be a intensive labour of love! Well, We’ll show you how to get a Lasagna Coupon with Bassili’s Best. Yes, the Lasagna is frozen and premade, but sometimes us busy moms just don’t have the time to prepare a lasagna from scratch. Canadianfreestuff is all about helping you save money! Now on with the Lasagna Coupons!

Bassili’s Best Lasagna Coupon

  • Collect 6 UPCs from any of the boxed and receive 1 Free Product Coupon for a 907g box

Updated: You will now need to include a Self Addressed Envelope to get their coupon

See New Promotion 

Old Promotion but still works 

Collect 6 UPC’s from any Bassili’s Best products and receive an FPC(free product coupon) for a FREE LASAGNA.

What’s new at Bassili’s Best?

Well, the newest product that is all the rage right now as got to be those Quickies. These boxed meals that are found in the frozen section of your local grocery store. Just remember you can not use Bassili’s Quickies towards a Free Lasagna coupon!

Bassilis Quickes Lasagna


Quickies Comes in the following varieties;

  • Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Meat Lasagna
  • Carbonara
  • Fettuccine Alfredo

These are trans-fat-free, low in cholesterol, and an excellent source of iron and fibre.

If that’s not enough, this brand as gone one step further. This product now contains 65% less packaging. Do your part for the environment and support Bassili’s Best.

If you want a delicious AND nutritious meal to check these out.

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Health Check

In March of 2012, this company changed it’s recipes just a little so they could meet Health Check™ Standards of Nutrition. Many of their products now have the Health Check Symbol from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Don’t forget to save with the lasagna coupon!

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  1. I absolutely love Bassili’s Best Meat Lasagna and my second favourite is Chicken Lasagna. I live out west and buy these at my local Safeway store. Good value compared to fast food. I can feed my family of 4 with one of these meals. Sometimes I will augment the lasagna a little and add some more cheese on top. I get why they don’t have tons of cheese due to price of cheese in Canada. If it was in the US, I am sure they would put more on. One meal is less than combo for one at McDonalds and I feed 4 people. Add a side of salad and maybe garlic toast and the family leaves the table happy 🙂
    I like the free promotion they have with sending in 6 UPC’s. I mean, WHO does this anymore??? Keep up the good work Bassili’s!!

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