Everyone is stocking up on freezer stuff this year simply due to the rising price of groceries; This is a great money saver when you find a great price to use the following McCain Coupon.

Families in Canada are always on the lookout for ways to save money. McCain fries are a favourite for many, but it can be hard to find coupons or deals that make them more affordable. However, with this printable McCain coupon for Canadian residents, you’ll be able to get $1 off your purchase of McCain fries!

NEW McCain Coupon for Canada

  • SAVE $1.00 on McCain® Savoury Homefries product

Savoury Homefries are made with real potatoes. To Prepare, spread frozen fries on a single layer on a baking sheet, baking for 20- 25 minutes, turning over halfway at 425°F (218°C).

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Once this coupon has been received, the coupon expiry date is May 1, 2022

So you will have plenty of time to find a deal at the grocery store.

McCain Coupon: Ancient Grain Breakfast Potatoes

McCain Ancient Grain Breakfast potatoe

  • Save $1.00 off McCains Breakfast Ancient Grain Breakfast Potato Patties

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Prices of McCain Frozen Products in Canada

Finding the average price of McCain frozen foods at the grocery store

pricing sale


Walmart Canada:

  • McCain Savoury Homefries $3.17 ( Regular)
  • McCain Superfries® 5-Minute Shoestring Fries $3.17 ( Regular)
  • McCain 9 Minute Potato Patties 600 g $3.17 (Regular)
  • McCain Bistro Fries $3.47 ( Regular)
  • McCain Tator Crisps $3.47 ( Regular)
  • McCain Frozen Cakes/ Pies $5.47 ( Regular) Find on Rollback for $3.97 

Real Canadian Superstore:

  • Superfries 5-Minute Shoestring Fries $3.48ea (Regular)
  • McCain Super Crisp Fries 650 g $3.88ea ( Regular)
  • Super fries Crinkle Cut Fries 650 g $2.50ea ( Sale Price Example)
  • McCain Chocolate Cake $5.78ea ( Regular)

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McCain Smiles

McCain Smiles

McCain Smiles will put a smile on a face of any kind. Even parents seem to enjoy the fun they bring.

These are crispy on the outside and mashed potatoes on the inside.

McCain Cake

Other McCain Products You Can Find On Store Shelves

Pizzas: these have the feel of homemade pizza and taste. It is made with simple ingredients like real mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, and tomato sauce.

Potato Products: of course, you are going to find Potato products from McCain. This was the very first item to be introduced to the public. However, they have come a long way from those straight-cut fries. Find Regular, Super Fries and Fun Fries!! Adults and kids alike will love these. These are trans fat and cholesterol-free.

Pizza Pockets: the kids love these. They pack a burst of pizza flavour in a convenient pocket of goodness. They contain no preservatives or artificial flavours. One thing I like about this product is the fact that they are baked and NOT fried.

Beverages: McCain as 100% juices as well as juice punches for your enjoyment. It comes in a variety of delicious flavours.

Desserts: We cannot forget to mention desserts. Oh my goodness, those McCain cakes are to die for. I love that you can thaw and serve these, and the whole family will love them. Simple and yet delicious

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