Shopper Army New Missions: Oral B & Crest Products

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Cash Back? Think Shopper Army! It’s a small company and relatively new as it only has been in operation since 2014. It lets you earn cashback rebates on over 100 retailers, plus time to time you get to review products for Free or get extreme discounts.

Shopper Army Canada Free Offers.

This Week Shopper Army has a New Mission for its Members.

Apply to try Oral-B and Crest products

You can Sign up if not a member and check if you qualify to try out these new samples and rebates


How to Enter:

1. Register/log in for your free Shoppers Army account
2. Choose an offer
3. Purchase the product ($$$) 
4. Answer a few questions about the product
5. Print your rebate!


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Shopper Army Logo



About Shoppers Army Canada


If you love other cashback apps such as Rakuten, Checkout51 and Caddle, you might just like Shoppers Army.


We’ll tell you how to earn cash back using their online portal and how this company is compared to other cashback programs.


Shopper Army is a cashback rebate company that provides Canadians with a cash rewards option when they choose to shop their portal and save with special promotions.


The head office is actually located in Toronto Ontario and is part of the Brand Spark International company.


To Earn Cash Back:


1. Sign up for ShoppersArmy

2.Just visit your online stores you want to shop from with the Shop Now link on the Shoppers army website.

3.You will be rewarded with cashback money that will be deposited into your account.

4.You can then cash out via Paypal or choose an Amazon Canada Gift Card!



Waiting Time


Similar to other cashback sites, there is a validation time for a pending status, This allows the site to make sure your shopping items do not get returned or refunded.


save money Canada dollars putting in a pigging bank


Shopper Army Cash Back Offers:


Shopper Army is affiliated with 100+ top online retailers. The cashback offers will range from anywhere from 1% to 8 % average.

There is a variety of online retailers that cover just about any purchase from wellness, groceries, kids’ clothing, home decor, electronics and more.

Some of the stores available are:


  • Sephora
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Old Navy
  • GAP
  • Banana Republic
  • Joe Fresh
  • Rona









More Ways to Earn Cashback with Shopper Army!


1. Promotional Page

The Promotional Page will give you a list of extra ways to save money with the ability to earn either bonus cashback for a limited time, or Promo codes from their affiliate stores.


2. Missions

Once signed up – on your personal Dashboard you will see a “Missions” page that will allow you to choose to earn extra rewards, it could be to complete a survey, test a product for free, or give a review about a certain product. Each mission will have a different reward or cashback offer if you accept the mission.


Shopper Army does not have a mobile app but is a mobile-friendly browser


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