Nivea Free Sample Opportunity

Nivea product review opportunity for both men and women from shoppers army


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Nivea Apply to Try

There is a new application to try out some of Nivea Deodorant’s products for both men and women. from Shoppers Army.

  • Black & White Invisible White Blossom Dry Spray
  • Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Stick
  •  Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Roll-On
  • Black & White Invisible Water Lily Anti-Perspirant Stick
  • Black & White Invisible Water Lily Anti-Perspirant Roll-on

How to Apply for Free Product Testing

You will be required to answer a few screener questions; based on the day or month’s answers, they will choose a small number of people for this product review.

You will be given one mission as a FREE product Rebate; You will need to purchase this product in 3 days; it will need to match 100%

You will then have 10 days to try the product and provide a review.

You will need to agree to post your product review on social media and the Walmart product page.

Click Here to Apply

The offer is on for a limited time only.

Get More free makeup samples in Canada.

A little background on the Nivea Brand

Beauty and skincare at it are most beautiful. Did you know that it is the leading skincare brand in the world? There has got to be something said for that.

These products have been tried and tested with consumers just like you.

The first Nivea Cream was introduced in 1911 and has continued to grow in popularity each year since then. They now offer a wide range of skincare products that will meet the needs of the whole family.

Years of research, time, and effort are gone into every product they produce to ensure that it meets AND exceeds your quality requirements. Why spend a bunch of money on products that do not work when you can take your hard-earned cash and spend it on a product that will give you the results you want.

Happy customers equal better business. In the end, everyone wins, and people will keep coming back for more.

History Of Nivea

  • The first cream was introduced in 1911
  • In 1920 the first hair care product was released.
  • In 1922 the very first shaving soap was introduced. Men could now get in on the action.
  • The popular Nivea Boys and Girls campaign started in 1924
  • In 1936 a gentle soap for kids came onto the scene. Now, moms had a product that they could trust to be soft and safe on their little one’s skin.
  • Nivea Baby Care did not come about until later in 1960. These products skyrocketed in popularity.
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Nivea product review opportunity for both men and women from shoppers army


  1. My skin dries especially in the winter months, so would love to try one of these products.

  2. I would love this product. My skin is so dry that it becomes itchy and it drives me up a wall.
    Thank you

  3. jaimerais bcp essayer ce nouveau produit nieva car il sont tres bon pour la peau.tres hydratant. jaimerais aussi avoir une liste de prix ou circulaire merci bcp

  4. Why does it say the product moms and grandmothers could trust.. Were fathers and grandfather’s not allowed to use Nivea products on their children/ grandchildren? How about replacing “mom” and “grandmother” with “parents” and “grandparents”.

  5. I just got got approved for a sample right now! I didn’t even use Chrome as a browser like topbox ususally needs.

  6. We are not the sponsor of this promotion, we are simply sharing it with our fans.
    If you are having issues, please contact the sponsor directly.

  7. I filled out the required details but when i try to state my Birthday, no matter how many times I tried all the different ways sticking with the way it is required, it will not accept it.


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