Tips & Tricks on Getting a VoxBox from Influenster


I’m sure you have seen us talk about the Influenster program, but in case you missed any of the previous posts we made:

A Quick introduction of Influencer Program:

It’s a Campain Marketing company who has put together boxes of Free Products for their clients to send to the select people whom they feel can “Influence” their friends and family to try out the contents of the box.

The program is designed to allow those that love to test out new products and want you to be a “brand Influencer by using your contacts on social media. ! They want you to talk about all the contents in the box you received to help marketing efforts in their clients.

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The Fuss about These Boxes from Influenster 

The boxes are usually filled with Free Products by either a grouping of products or a certain brand line. So it might be a box of a full brands makeup- or maybe the theme will simply be “skincare” and you will have various brands of certain products to test and review.

In the past these boxes can contain a huge dollar amount of value inside the boxes – I’ve seen certain Voxbox’s contain Keurig pod coffee machine, Lancome skincare product line and many more.  So this program is very Popular!

How to get involved with the Influenster Program 

The Influenster program is completely free, and you don’t even need an invite to join.

All You need to do is Sign up by registering your email. Once Registered, you will need to confirm your email address, and then you can begin to add a picture of Yourself and add your age and all that other fun stuff.

 Hooking Up all your Accounts on Social Media

After you are done confirming your email and you’re done filling out your profile, you will then want to visit the Social Impact page to start adding all of your accounts you have for social media.

Huge Don’t Miss Out Social Media Page:

Assuming you are registered:  Go to the “Social Impact Page Obviously the Higher the Impact number is, the better chance you have of receiving a Voxbox. This is a very high priority.

Social Media is High on the Priority List. You may want to make sure you belong to a good chunk of the ones available. And you may even want to work on getting more followers and use your social media a bit more to improve your stats. All social media matters: Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest Twitter, Blog Pages, Youtube account. Once Complete – Check again in another day to see if your impact number has increased.

How to Increase your social Impact 

  1. Start a Blog ( You can add a widget if you have one already)
  2. Invite Friends to Join
  3. Join Tumblr, and other social media accounts you have not yet joined.
  4. Try to Get your social Media Numbers up on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Numbers higher.
  5. Answer Snap Questions


What the Heck is Snaps?

It’s a Pre-Qualifier for when they have a New Voxbox available. They want to get to know you better, they also want to give you a chance to review products you have tried in the last year. You will want to check your Influencer Dashboard once a week to find new “Snaps” to update.

Watch for Emails

The Influenster program will from time to time send surveys to you (via email) to complete in order to Qualify for a Free Box. Be on the Lookout for Surveys – as these will help you qualify for Campaigns, and Campaigns means a Free Boxes in near future.

How will you know if Selected?

Influenster will send you an email as well – if you have been selected with the time of date it will be shipped.

If you qualify for a Voxbox, you will be receiving the box via postal service.


Each Voxbox you receive will require a few tasks. Visit Your Dashboard to see what is the required tasks you will need to complete

You will want to complete all your tasks, as this will be your Only opportunity to get another box. If you don’t complete any tasks – chances are you will never receive another opportunity through this program.

What Tasks will be required?

You can expect a certain number of social media being involved in these tasks in order to get a badge. You may be asked to fill out a large survey, blog about the items in the box, On Instagram – You may have to take photos and share with your followers, posting a review, just to name a few.

You will need to complete as many tasks as possible, The more Tasks you are able to complete, the more likely you can be chosen to receiver another VoxBox.




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