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Confidence You Get From Poise

This brand was launched in 2012 and is growing in leaps and bounds right now. Whether you are experiencing light bladder leakage as you age or even menopause symptoms, Poise is there to help.

Poise gives you the confidence you need to get out there. Specially formulated for women who suffer everything from light bladder leakage to hot flashes. If you are one of those women, you are going to want to check out this brand.

Hourglass Pads: these pads come in two different absorbency levels (moderate and maximum) so you can choose what protection you need.

Liners: comes in regular, long, and ultra thin varieties. Great for those of you that have light bladder leakage.

The 2nd Talk

Just what is the 2nd Talk you might be wondering?

Well, its a talk about how we change as we age and how Poise is there to help. Get important information, advice, and tips from other people that are experiencing this time in their lives.

Read, share, watch, and most importantly learn and find support.

Ecards: these are available to share with your friends. Get people talking when you share them with family, friends, or on your Facebook wall. Let’s put a different spin on menopause and those life changes.



  1. I was trying to get a free sample kit of poise from you and it wouldn’t let me sign in just kept refusing my password thanks for nothing


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