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Tena Coupons for Canada.

  • Save $2.00 off Any one (1) Tena Product

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Tena Coupons for Canada.

  • Save $1.00 off any Tena Product (Print)
  • Save Up to $7.00 off select Tena Products (Mailed)
  • Save up to $14.00 off select Tena Products (Mailed)

Tena Coupons are available in Mailed to your home or Print format.

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Tena Products

If you suffer from incontinence than Tena as the answer. This brand company offers various products to help you deal with those unexpectant leaks. Discreet and comfortable products that will help you get back to living. Tena is one of the leaders in incontinence products.

This company as been around for over 54 years and as continued to grow and evolve with Canadians just like you. They are there to answer any questions or concerns you might have and also to offer product information and guidance to choose the perfect product for your needs.

Tena as been established in Canada for years and is now started to get known in the United States as well. It’s only a matter of time before a product that works as well as this gets noticed elsewhere.

Incontinence is not something to be ashamed of. It is much more common than you think. There are approximately 1 in 3 woman and 1 in 8 men that suffer from some form of bladder control issue. It”s more common in woman than men because of the simple fact of child birth and female related issues.  With Tena you can have the freedom you deserve. Get out there and enjoy life with the protection you need.



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