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Tena Free Samples


FREE Tena Samples for Canada

Tena is giving away more free samples everyone. This time they want you to try one of their newest products.

“Revolutionary TENA InstaDRY technology quickly absorbs moisture and locks it away, providing you with Fearless Protection™ for the Unexpected Leak™ that you can count on. The unpredictability of sudden leaks can stop you from feeling spontaneous and carefree. Now you can stop wearing larger pads for those ‘just in case’ moments and live the life you want”

Request a free sample of Tena’s InstaDry Pads Here. 

  • Intimates Light/Moderate Free Trial Kit
  • TENA Intimates Heavy Free Trial Kit
  • Liner-Free Trial Kit
  • TENA® Overnight Free Trial Kit
  • Women’s Active Underwear Free Trial Kit
  • Ultimate Underwear Free Trial Kit

Order a Free Trial Kit Here

Offer valid while supplies last.

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The Tena Brand

Tena Is the product to trust when it comes to adult incontinence. Sign up online and request a free trial kit of their products for men and women. Try it for yourself.

They are so sure you are going to like this product that they are letting you try it absolutely free. Men and woman are very different and so are their urinary tract and adult incontinence issues.

Learn the different protection you can get depending on your gender. Browse the list of products that are available to help with those little leaks. Never have to worry about being out in public again.

Never have to worry about those accidental leaks that sometimes happen at the most embarrassing times.

Find articles, tips, and advice and find other people just like you that live with this issue every day.

Here you will get the support you need. There are many, many people out there that live with adult incontinence on a daily basis.

Tena can help make your life so much easier.


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