FREE Dove Baby products – Chickadvisor

FREE Dove Baby products – Chickadvisor

Dove Free Product Opportunity!

Chickadvisor has a New Product Review Club Offer for Dove Baby products.

300 Canadian women from the Product Review Club will get the opportunity to try one of the following product packages from Baby Dove:

  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture:
  • Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture:


  • Chickadvisor member(free to join)
  • Residents of Canada
  • Must have reviewed at least 5 products on your own previously (if not,you can easily choose and review any 5 products you like.)

For extra consideration make sure you spread the word on social media and remember to include #tryBabyDove when you post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Click Here to sign up for FREE Dove product review Offer

Apply by February 27, 2017



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About dove New Products

Cleartone Skin Renew: This is a new product from Dove. It’s a deodorant that contains Calendula and Sunflower seed extracts which helps prevent underarm discoloration. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? You want to wear a nice tank or sleeveless dress only to lift your arms and see a little color under there. It’s so frustrating. The Dove Cleartone Skin Renew can help with that problem.

What I like about this product is the fact that it smells like violet, lilac and rose with vanilla musk. The combination of those ingredients made for a unique, invigorting scent. Girly and feminine, yet gives you 24 protection from odor and wetness.

Other Dove Products: There are a wide range of products that Dove makes. Some of them include Hair Care and Styling Products, Body Wash, Baby Products, Mens Hair and Body Care, and many more.

Visible Care Body Wash: This product claims to give you more beautiful skin in just one week. There have been studies conducted and the participants have noticed a significant change in their skin.


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