Some of the uses for Dove hairspray do require for Dove to be the brand that is used. Why? Because it is a flexible hairspray that just happens to work better for some applications.

10 Practical Uses for Dove Hairspray

1. Get your hair dirty. Sometimes you need a bit of hairspray on your hair before you do anything to it. Women with fine, hard to curl hair often find that a few squirts before curling the hair help hold the hair better than spraying it once the styling is complete.

2. Clearcoat your art. Whether the painting is yours or your children’s, you might want to save it for the future. Dove hairspray helps to lock on the chalk or another medium so that the art is protected, but not overly glossy. Use in small amounts from a distance to avoid overdoing it.

3. Lice prevention. Even if you aren’t ready for your daughter to wear hairspray, it does a great job when it comes to preventing lice. There are a few theories about this. One includes them not liking the taste while another includes them not being able to handle their alcohol.

4. Remove Ink. Dove hairspray is fantastic when it comes to getting ink out of cloth. Spray, soak and rub. Repeat until the ink is gone.

5. Remove graffiti. Did someone spray your vinyl siding with graffiti? Spray on liberal amounts of hairspray and watch as the paint just wipes off.

6. Remove glue. Those price tags seem to be put on with the intention of them never coming off. The more you try to scrub that glue away, the more frustrated you get. Spray it with Dove hairspray, and the glue just wipes right off.

7. Preserve flowers. Hang your flowers upside down to dry them out. Once dry, spritz them lightly to preserve them. The glossier you want them to be, the more you spritz.

8. Keep your chalk lines. Do you have chalk lines in place as part of a more significant project? Spray them so that they last longer than they would otherwise. When you are done with the project, simply wash everything off.

9. Preserve tissues and collections. If you have a bug or butterfly collection, you can mist it with hairspray to help preserve it. If you want the collection to shine, just add a few more squirts.

10. Defend yourself. Pepper spray can be set off on accident, especially if it’s in your purse with everything else. Instead of pepper spray, keep a small bottle of hairspray in your purse. You can use it for touching up through the day, but it’s also useful when a painful shot of liquid in the eye is the only thing between you and a dangerous character.


Dove hairspray is already a favourite among those who prefer quality beauty products. Now it can become a favourite for collectors, those interested in self-defence, cleaners, and others who can benefit from the many uses of Dove hairspray.

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