There are more uses for Sally Hansen Nail Polish than just making nails look pretty. Nail polish is very much like the paint that is used on cards, which means it bonds and seals with other things quickly and is useful in some applications where a minimal amount is needed for a temporary bond.

 10 Practical Uses for Sally Hansen Nail Polish

1. Stop a Run. For years women have been using nail polish to stop a run in their pantyhose. Nail polish also works well for stopping snags and runs in other clothing items.

2. Prevent Rust. If you have a small spot in your vehicle where the paint has come off, add a dab of nail polish. It covers the body temporarily so that it doesn’t rust, giving you time to repair it the right way.

3. Colour Code. If you have a lot of keys, try dabbing them with nail polish, so you know what each one is for. You might also use this as a way to tell your keys from someone else’s.

4. Keep shoelaces solid. When your laces start to come unravelled, just dip the ends in Sally Hansen’s nail polish. You may use your shoelaces to last longer, and you can even start a new trend.

5. Mark settings. Whether it’s your thermostat, dryer set, washer sets, faucet, or any other place where you need to save a setting, mark the safe zone with a bit of nail polish.

6. Add a bit of flair. Use stencils or just make drops with the tip of the brush. You can spruce up boring lampshades, curtains, or any other item that needs just a bit of perking up. Sprinkle some glitter on top for a bit more fun.

7. Thread a needle. A thread isn’t always cooperative. If you dip it in some nail polish, it will dry stiffly and be easier to get through the eye of a needle.

8. Mark bottles. Do you have someone sneaking drinks? Mark the bottles with clear nail polish. It won’t be evident to them, but you will be able to feel and see where the mark is so you know if someone has been playing in the liquor cabinet.

9. Make fasteners stay tight. Whether you are putting something together that is brand new or you are working on a craft project of your own, dip the fasteners in nail polish to make them stay in place longer when you attach them.

10. Cover defects in wood. Place a dab of clear polish in areas that may have splintered or had varnish chipped away. The nail polish will fill a small hole or cover a rough surface so that it doesn’t stand out as much.


Every woman should have Sally Hansen nail polish as part of her emergency supply stash she keeps in her purse. You never know when you are going to need to repair nails or find a new way to use your nail polish in an emergency!