Amazing ways to use Vaseline

Vaseline is a product that has been around for quite some time. It is petroleum-based jelly that was created in the late 1800s for healing cuts and burns.

Since it has been around for so long, you can imagine how many ways people have come up with over the years to use it. In this article, I will list 20 different uses for Vaseline that you may have never heard of!

1. If you are tired of struggling with your nail polish bottles, rub a little around the top, and they will come off with ease for your next mani/Pedi.


2. Dab some Vaseline on your teeth when applying dark lipstick.


3.  Don’t you hate when your perfume or body spray wears off fast? Rub a little Vaseline on the areas you apply the scent (inner wrists, behind the ears, etc.) before you stray to help it stick around longer.


4. Scuffs on heels and leather shoes can really be a downer. No need to buy expensive shoes to shine. Just rub some Vaseline on them with a soft cloth, and they will shine up as good as new.


5. If you do home dye jobs on your hair, apply some Vaseline around the nape of your neck at the hairline, on your forehead and on the backs and tops of your ears to avoid drying your skin.


6. Apply a little Vaseline to earrings, and they will glide right in.


7. Mix a little Vaseline with some kosher salt to make a great exfoliate for your dry heels, elbows and other trouble areas. Not only will it slough off the dry stuff, but it will also add moisture as well.


8. Shape your eyebrows with a little Vaseline. Just dab on with a cotton swab and use a brow comb to shape. The jelly will hold your look in place.


9. Speaking of eyes, make your favourite loose powder eye shadow into a cream by just adding a bit of it to some Vaseline and applying it with a brush.


10. Want thicker lashes? Put a thin coat of Vaseline on them before you go to bed every night. Some people swear this trick works!


11. Apply to your finger if you have a stuck-on ring. It will slide right off!


12. If you have a short hairstyle, use it as a styling agent. Just use a minimal amount, rubbed in your hands and applied to tame fly-aways.


13. At Halloween, use some of the areas you have carved. It will prevent them from rotting and going mushy as fast.


14. Got water spots on your wood furniture? Vaseline to the rescue! Using a microfiber cloth, apply a dab to restore your finish.


15. Dab some on your baby’s eyebrows before you wash her hair. The soap will be less likely to run into her eyes.


16. If you have a squeaky door, apply some Vaseline as a lubricant. It also works great for squeaky facets. Just remove the handle from the threads and apply them.


17. Remove glue or gum from hair by working a little Vaseline into it.


18. Keep mould at bay on your shower curtain by applying it to your PVC or Vinyl liners. Just apply a thin coating of it around the bottom where mould and mildew tend to build up.


19. Stop corrosion of your car battery’s terminals by applying some Vaseline to them.


20. Did you know you can create your own fishing lure with Vaseline?  Trout love it! Just cut some small pieces of sponges and coat them with the. It smells like the bait you buy in the store to them.