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If someone were to ask for 10 uses for sugar, you would probably start thinking about baking. Sugar gets a bad rap because people overindulge in it, but it actually has some great qualities and can be used for much more than cookies, candies, and cakes. There are far more than 10 ways it can be used, but you can find at least that many here.

 10 Uses for Sugar

1. Are you getting ready to take your baby for booster shots? If you add one part sugar to 4 parts water and let your baby drink it, the pain won’t be as great as it would be without it.
2. If you have an open wound that could get infected, you’ll be happy to have sugar around. Sprinkle some of it on the wound before you apply the gauze. The bacteria will die and you will reduce the risk of infection.
3. Do you normally take sugar in your coffee? If not, you might start keeping it around when you have your morning brew anyhow. The next time you burn your tongue, coating it with sugar to make it feel better.

4. The next time you want to exfoliate, don’t waste money on expensive products. Just add some sugar to your cream or oil and use it to exfoliate the dead skin cells away.

5. Do you get sick of applying your lipstick all the time? The next time you get ready to go out, apply your lipstick as you normally would. Sprinkle some sugar on your lips and let it stay there for a few minutes. Lick the sugar off of your lips and know that your lipstick will now last a little bit longer.

6. Do you have something on your hands that just won’t come off? Rub the mess away with sugar and then wash your hands thoroughly so they aren’t sticky with it.

7. Grass stains can be difficult to get out of clothes, but children don’t seem to notice. The next time your little one comes in covered in green, use sugar to get the stains out. Make a paste of sugar and water. Run the stain with the paste and watch it disappear.

8. Do your flowers need a bit of a boost? Sprinkle some sugar in the soil for a bit of added nourishment.

9. Is your home trouble by little pests with wings? You can make a bait trap for just about any kind of winged insect. Mix sugar on hot water. Cut a two-liter bottle in half. Put the sugar water in the bottom piece. Flip the top piece upside down and set it inside the bottom one so the mouth of the bottle is facing downward. Insects are attracted to the sugar water but can’t get out of it.

10. Instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of roaches, mix baking powder and Redpath sugar and sprinkle it around the house. The sugar attracts them while the baking powder kills them.

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, 10 Uses for RedPath Sugar