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Most of the practical uses for Dawn dish soap involve some type of cleaning. However, it might clean more than you imagined, and the other purposes might surprise you a bit.

 10 Practical Uses for Dawn Dish Soap

1. Wash clothes. Just as Dawn dish soap breaks up the grease on your dishes, so it does on your clothes. Use it In place of your regular detergent the next time you have greasy garments to wash.


2. Pretreat. On top of being used on greasy clothes, dish soap works well when you want to pretreat clothes before you wash them. Simply dab a few drops on, rub in, and let it soak before putting the item in the washer.


3. Treat your pet. For some reason, the blue version of Dawn dish soap is the one that is most recommended for treating your pet for fleas. All you need to do is wash your dogs in it and watch the fleas fall of. It kills them on contact.


4. Clean the driveway. Stubborn grease spots seem to melt away when you use Dawn to clean them off. While you’re cleaning the driveway, you may as thoroughly clean the tools inside the garage as well.


5. Keep paint off. Before you paint, coat your hands and arms with this dish soap. When you go to clean up after you are done, you’ll find that the paint rinses right off.



6. Find air leaks. When you have a leaky tire or ball, and you just can’t seem to find the hole, spray the object with a Dawn and water mixture. Watch for bubbles. When you see them develop, you’ve found your leak.


7. Bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, you can make your own for children to play with. All you need is dish soap, a bit of water, and a wand. You can use anything for a wand, like a clasped zip tie. Dip the wand in the soap and water mixture before blowing on it. Giggle like mad.


8. Body bubble. When little bubbles just aren’t cutting it, get the kiddie pool, a chair, and the hula hoop. Place the chair in the middle of the kiddie pool. Cover the bottom of the pool with Dawn soap and water. Drop hula hoop in the pool. Have a child sit in the chair. When you pick up the hula hoop, your child will be encased in a giant bubble.


9. Prevent ants. Coat your floor with a dish soap and water mixture. Treat the outside of the house for ants. The ants don’t like the coating, so they will go outside, where you are busy treating the perimeter of the home.


10. Take it to the Garden. If you have pests on your plants, spray the plants in the morning with a mixture of 3 tablespoons dish soap with 1 gallon of water. Rinse the plants in the afternoon.


Of all the uses for Dawn dish soap, it is most commonly used to replace other cleaners. You can even wash your hair with it. This one ordinary cleaner packs a lot of punch!

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