An Introduction – Canadian Extreme Couponing

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I thought I would start a new series of Blog Posts that will hopefully teach people who are not accustomed to using coupons, how it is all done. Very specially, I wish to explain in the topic Canadian Extreme Couponing, how to use coupon is Canada, how you can save money in Canada by using coupon. Learn with Canadian Extreme Couponing.

I grew up with a frugal-minded mother who was always looking for a way to save a buck.

Learn the topic Canadian Extreme Couponing

She clipped coupons (at that time from the newspaper), looked in magazines and removed every single tin can label looking for those “special hidden” coupons that only seasoned shoppers knew about.

Canadian Extreme Couponing from childhood

As a child, I never really paid much attention, however, as an adult who has found it hard from time to time to save money on a limited budget I found my true coupon roots.

Canadian Extreme Couponing from childhood

Canadian Extreme Couponing Started with

The real “Coupon Queen” craze started about 5 years ago when I found a coupon on (one of my favourite Canadian Coupon websites) for a FREE Therma-Care Heat Wrap.

It just so happened that earlier in the week I had thrown out my back and was still suffering daily with a backache.

I requested the coupon and in a couple of days, there it was in my mailbox. I was so amazed. I headed over to Shopper’s Drug Mart and used my FPC (free product coupon) to get a Therma-Care Heat Wrap absolutely FREE. I didn’t even have to pay the taxes. It was such a thrill.

Canadian Extreme Couponing Started with

I almost felt guilty.

I felt like I had just ripped someone off. I wanted to yell “start the car! Start the car!” It was such a thrill. I actually got a rush out of it.

Then I realized that these companies were really smart. They had just convinced me to try their product and I did because it was FREE. I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends what I had done and how they could do it too.

I truly think that was the day “I got addicted” and that was the way of my starting to Canadian extreme couponing.

I surfed the net looking for websites that offered coupons. I found lots of websites, but the problem was I spent literally days and weeks going through sites that only offered USA coupons.

I had to find a way to find more coupons.

Canadian Extreme Couponing - Coupons in Canada

I had to recapture the thrill of getting something for nothing or at least for less than the regular price.

Use Coupons in Canada

I really had no idea how to properly do the whole “coupon” thing, but this was a great place to start. If you are interested in learning more about how to use coupons in Canada then stay tuned.

I am going to try to help others learn what I have learned over the last 5 years about saving money by using coupons. My user name is Cheetah and I hope to be your personal guide through the exciting world of Canadian Extreme Couponing.

I look forward to reading your comments and having others share their ideas with us.

What you can look forward to over the next few weeks, Here are some topics I hope to cover.



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