, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners




Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

This blog post is for those people who have never used coupons before and those of you who have always wanted to start using coupons but have no idea where to start.

Do you envy those other people you see online that is posting all the fantastic savings they have achieved and the tons of FREE products they are receiving? Well, I am one of those Canadian coupon crazy people, and I am going to attempt to teach you what I have learned over the past five years since I started severe couponing.

So, where do you start? Everyone is different. I can only suggest if you are intimidated or feel unsure, the best way to start is slow. Learn a bit at a time and put what you learn into practical use. Some ideas don’t work for everyone, but hopefully, you will discover some innovative ways to start saving more money in 2012.

, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

If you want to save money on your weekly grocery bill, then the first thing you have to do is take a good look around your house and figure out what products you use all the time.

I spent one rainy afternoon. I was just looking around my home and writing down what items I always buy. I started with household cleaners.

  • Pledge
  • Windex
  • Vim
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Cascade Action PACs
  • Scrubbing Bubbles

And many, many more.

I then sat down at my computer and started searching for the company names that produce these products. I found companies like Unilever, P & G and SC Johnson. Then I started googling these products and their companies. Sometimes you can find coupons without the help of coupon blogs this way – especially if you found a new brand you love!

, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

For example, if you sign up and register for some brands, you can then access their coupons via Email (Gaylea is an example ). Their Canadian coupons are only available to people who are registered to get their newsletter.

I was a little intimidated about giving out my information, so I decided to create a separate email address just in case it didn’t work out. I had heard horror stories of people signing up to websites and then being inundated with spam. I created a new Hotmail account and crossed my fingers. I was encouraged to find lots of valuable Canadian coupons I could use.

Coupons, for the most part, were printable ones, so the next step was to make sure my printer would print these goodies. Please note that sometimes you will be required to download a coupon printer program to allow you to write them.

Update in 2019 – There are Mailed coupons you can order as well And Now also Rebate Programs

I continued this process of looking around my house and office to see what products I wanted coupons for. Some products, of course, never offer coupons, and some are only for USA residents, but I was amazed once I started to look further at how many products are produced by the same companies.

I recorded all of my beauty products. Shampoo, gel, Hairspray, toothpaste, toilet paper, and soap. This list kept growing—crackers, chips, juice, rice, frozen dinners, spices, baking goods and so on.

, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

Another great way to get started is just simply to look around your environment. There are Canadian coupons just about everywhere you look.

No!  Once you open your eyes and start looking, you will be amazed at what you have been missing.

Check all that junk mail that you receive every week and just throw out. Check flyers, they are usually on the front page but not always. Look near the entranceway of your grocery and department stores as well as in the aisles.

Manufacturer coupons are often displayed right above or below the product they are for. You can even find coupons on the packaging of the products you are already buying.

Sometimes they are on the front or the back of the package, but sometimes they are a little more sneaky and print them on the inside of the packaging. This is especially true with cereal and rice boxes.

, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

One last way to start your Canadian coupon collection is to get your local newspaper.

Once you have learned what coupons to search for, you will learn how to find the circulation schedule and will only have to pick up the paper when you know the coupon inserts will be in there. There are a lot of different ways to find coupons in Canada, but these are just the first few steps to get you started.

, Extreme Couponing Canada for Beginners

So get out there and start your search. Dedicate this week of opening your eyes and doing a little online research, and I am sure you will be amazed at what you have been missing.

Stay tuned for more creative ways to start or continue using coupons in Canada.

This is just the first of many Extreme Canadian Coupon Blog Posts to come.