Walmart Price Match Policy 2021 was updated

Walmart Canada discontinued its Price Match program in all stores and on on October 15th, 2022


Why is the Ad Match program discontinued?

Walmart ad match discontinued since October of 2020.

Walmart Store (Inside busy rush holiday season)

On Walmarts Website 
As of October 15th, 2020, Ad Match is no longer available in stores or on We continue our commitment to keeping prices low both in-store and online. This means the Walmart Canada price match is now discontinued.

The reason was that the ad match program was seen with minimal usage, and also, the program causing delays at the checkout.

The retail giant announced in September of 2020 that it would be discontinuing its Ad Match. Under The Plan, Walmart would cut the price of goods or if a customer claimed the merchandise was being sold at a competitor’s location for less than. 408 of these stores are being matched for pricing by

The termination comes just days before people face a relaunch in some places with the virus expected in the next five weeks.

Walmart Canada says that they are the #1 location to find out how much to save for shopping and is ready to help Canadian consumers save money.

In July, Walmart said it would make online shopping and e-commerce easier.

I know the Couponers were furious at Walmart for stopping its price matching, and have switched over to the competition of Loblaws stores who offer a price match against Walmart Canada flyers. 

Perhaps wal mart grocery store side too many price matches to hold up the consumer lines, or perhaps they waited until a pandemic in order to stop profits from dropping and keeping their shareholders happy?  

Will Walmart continue to match prices in-store?


If you find a lower price online at than in the store for an identical product in the store, you may be able to still price match it if it meets their new policy.

The Item online must be shipped and sold by Walmart Canada and not from a 3rd party.

The Item must be in stock online at the time the price match is requested ( They will not offer a rain check for items that are not currently in stock)

The item must be identical ( size, brand, colour, quantity)

The supervisor may validate the price match request and decide to accept or deny the request.  Also, they have the right to limit quantities to 1 per customer, per item per day.

Walmart Canada reserves the right to modify the terms of this price match policy at any time and date. So its always wise to check their policies a few times a year to keep on any major changes to the way they refund or handle exchange.

Walmart Canada Price match policy  2021

Walmart Superstore canada

I”m sad; I was hoping this year they would change back their price match policy like it was before 2020; I know they have lost a lot of my business. I loved to price match, especially against stores like a giant tiger. I’m not sure if other customers felt or feel the same way about the way they purchase from Walmart.

In 2019 and years before, Walmart was awesome about price matching ( ad match); they would accept any competitor’s ad with a featured price for a specific item; at one point, you could take in all your local ads and get them priced matched at Walmart, which was great for Couponers when the retailer didn’t have to suffice stock, or they wanted to one-stop-shop.

They accepted any competitor’s ad that featured a specified price with a product featured in a flyer.  Including even fresh produce and meat when the price was offered in the same unit (for example, pound, kg)

Items also must have been identified in size and brand,  but they would not accept a 40% off because there was no set price.