Top 10 Places to Find Coupons to Fill Your Binder |

Top 10 Places to Find Coupons to Fill Your Binder

1. Online Coupon sites:

Sign up for Coupons at the following websites. Each one will mail you the coupons you select.

There are some Good Printable Coupon Sites as well:


3. Tear Pads:

Where to find Tear Pads coupons: in your local grocery store aisles, or even drug stores, usually wherever products are sold.  I live in a small town, so tear pads are rare for me.  Once a month, I make sure I tear pad hunt. I walk up and down each aisle of the stores and manage to get lucky for a few. Also, if you’re visiting another town and need to run into a store for something, take a few minutes and look around; you may find a good one.  When tear pad shopping, DO NOT take the whole pad; simply take one or a few of them.  But please enough for others to enjoy.

3. Newspaper Inserts or Store Flyers:

Every month, Smartsource and Redplum put coupon inserts into city papers across Canada.  I suggest buying more than one newspaper when starting to fill your binder or asking your friends and neighbours for theirs.  This will get you doubles or triples of coupons, and you can begin to make a good “Haul.”

4. Email Lists:

Go through your cupboards and see what products you use, and begin signing up to companies’ email lists so when they have a new coupon out, sometimes they will email you an alert, or sometimes they will do a printable coupon.  I suggest when you do find an excellent printable coupon, print it right away, as a lot of the time, especially this year, they’ve pulled the coupon due to couponers taking advantage and loss of profits.  Don’t think, “I’ll do it later”, as later may not be available.

Gaylea is one company that is email specific

5. Phone brands:

Call your favourite companies, and tell them what you love about their products, and then politely ask if they have coupons they could send you, or, if a product failed for you, let them know. Talk to the companies about their new products, etc.. Remember, don’t call and simply ask for coupons; chances are that answer will be an easy no.

6. Shop ebay:

Yes, you can buy coupon’s on ebay. But why pay for something you can get for free? I agree, but when starting in the couponing world, you may not have enough coupons to get yourself started. Also, if you can not find Tear pads in the store for the life of you, this is another way to accumulate them.  Or if you want more smartsource coupons, etc.. You’re not buying the coupons, but you are purchasing the picker’s time to cut and mail them out.  Also, you can try Kijiji in your area.  I looked at a city in my province and found several people selling or trading them.  So worth the look to see.

8. Trading Coupons:

Trade coupons with others.  Find a group of people to trade amongst, or create a list of the coupons you’re willing to trade and what you would like in return.   Perhaps you don’t have a baby but have lots of diaper coupons from your intelligent source insert, well trade them for some more glad refills etc..  If you can find a couponer, you can find a trader.   Check Facebook, – most communities have their buy sell and trade group; simply ask if there’s a group in your community that gets together to trade coupons. You may be surprised. And it is fun! You’re bound to learn something if you can hook up with others.  You can learn the ins and outs of your local stores, which ones take printable coupons, etc..

10. Products Themselves :

That’s correct; some products have coupons included on the inside, like cereal boxes. I’ve seen POGO corn dogs and Jane Chicken,  with coupons on the inside for other products. Recently, Wal-Mart was selling Maple Leaf Chicken Portions that had $15 worth of coupons inside.  Keep your eyes peeled, as sometimes it is not advertised that there’s a free coupon, it may just be on the corner that there are coupons.