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Danone Canada has tons of different coupons available for Canadian Residents. Usually, Danone, these coupons change bi-weekly or monthly, so it’s essential to check and see what new Danone coupons are available. But let us get on with the savings now.

Danone is a leader in the yogurt industry and offers many great products for Canadians to enjoy. However, finding quality Danone products at affordable prices can be challenging. Luckily, there are several ways to save on your favourite yogurt brand while enjoying high-quality food.

Danone Coupons for Canada 2022

New Danone Coupon to Save money on yogurt\

NEW Danone Coupons

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Danone Yogurt Prices in Canada

pricing sale

Real Canadian Superstore

  • Danino Yogurt Drink for Kids,8x93mL, can be found on sale for $3.33 ea or regular $3.98
  • Danone Creamy Yogurt ( 16 pk) can be found Regular price of $4.88
  • Danone Natural Yogurt (Pack of 8) can be located at a regular price of $3.98 or on sale for $3.48
  • Danone Yogurt, 100% Natural, 650 g, can be located at Regular $4.18  or on sale for $2.48
  • Danone DanActive Yogurt probiotic Drink, l (Pack of 8)  can be found at a regular price of $4.97 or on sale for $4.48

Walmart Canada

  • Danino Yogurt Drink for Kids,8x93mL  regular $4.47 and can be found on Roll Back sometimes for $2.98
  • Danone Creamy Yogurt ( 16 pk) can be found at a regular price of $5.98 and on Roll Back for $4.88
  • Danone Natural Yogurt (Pack of 8) can be found at a regular price of $4.48 or on Roll Back 2 for $7.00
  • DanActive Yogurt Drink, (Pack of 8) Regular $5.47 and can be found on rollback for $4.98

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Danino and Danino-to-go brands of Yogurt 

Thanks to the many ingredients, various types and flavours of Greek Yogurt are available.

  • Many contain a significant calcium source, and one serving of these goods will provide you with 15% of your daily requirement.
  • Danone contains a range of delicious tastes, including Strawberry, Banana-Strawberry, Strawberry-Vanilla, Peach, and Blueberry.

Vitamins and minerals such as d-vitamin, Dano are abundant in Danino.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that can help your child grow more potent. We all know the importance of Vitamin D, so being exposed to less of it due to living in Canada isn’t good for our kids’ health or happiness. It also includes 3g of protein, essential for keeping your youngster healthy and happy.

Find delicious yogurt  flavours like Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Raspberry, and the new Apple-Grape