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Danone Coupons 2023

Danone has many different coupons available and changes frequently, so it’s essential to check and see what new coupons are available. But let us get on with the savings now.

Danone is a leader in the yogurt industry and offers many great products for Canadians to enjoy. However, finding quality Danone products at affordable prices can be challenging. Luckily, there are several ways to save on your favourite yogurt brand while enjoying high-quality food.

New Danone Coupon to Save money on yogurt\

NEW Danone Yogurt Coupons

These are available for a limited time, so hurry and grab these savings NOW!!

A NEW Coupon is available to help you save on ANY Danone product.

  • SAVE $1.50 on the purchase of (1) Activia Immune System 8x93mL drinkable yogurt
    SAVE $3.00 on the purchase of 2 any Silk 1.89L Soy or Almond

Available in Print Format Only.

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The coupon Expiry Date is unknown.

Coupons are Valid for one month from the date printed.

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How to Best Save with Danone Coupons!

If you score various Danone Coupons and want to maximize your savings, Here are the following ideas to try.

  1. Check the Dairy Clearance section of your grocery store, or watch for product stickers at a discounted price due to the best-before date on the yogurt.
  2. Check out the Flyers Using Grocery Store Apps 
  3. Price Match, if possible to use PC Optimum points or other loyalty points
  4. Don’t forget to use SCOPE when you are in your favourite Store.

FAQ about Danone Coupons

Can You use a Danone Coupon on a Sale Item?

Yes, you can use a coupon on any sale item you find in a local flyer, even if you are shopping in a store with Danone yogurt on sale.

Can I use a Danone Coupon with a Cash Back Offer?

Always read the Cash Back offer – Many times on Checkout51, on the fine print, it doesn’t want you to use a coupon with the cashback.

Can I price Match and use a Coupon?

Yes, You can.  There’s a little way to proceed. First, make sure you are allowed to price Match; sometimes, it may vary which location will allow it.

Once the store has agreed, You can hand them the coupon.

How much money can I save with coupons?

The Experienced Couponer you see bragging on social media – they got a product for free, or for like $0.25, Is using a combination method of many saving options for grocery shopping.  Usually, you will see them use Loyalty points, clearance items, and on sale in the flyer.

A Coupon is essentially cash. So if the coupon is worth $0.50, its value is $0.50.

Danone Yogurt Prices in Canada

pricing sale


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