Each Year Danone Yogurt brings out a New Promotion, usually in a Rebate Upload Receipt to get Coupons or a gift. This time is no different compared to last year; this is an easier promotion to achieve due to the tiny amount of purchases.

FREE Drinkable Rebate Promotion

Danone has a New Promotion for no reason, but perhaps just as a way to increase sales.  Purchase any 2  Danone Products, and you can receive a Coupon for a Free Drinkable Yogurt to your home.

Danone Cheers to Mornings Header promotion

It should be easy to purchase two Danone products on this product line because the participating products page – it’s ten pages long.

It includes Activia, Danactive, YO Crunch, So Delicious, Oikos, Silk, Light & Delicious, and International Delight.

How the Promotion Works

  1. Purchase 2 of any participating Danone product between August 16, 2021, and September 26, 2021, on single or multiple transactions.
  2. Take a Picture of Your Receipt
  3. Upload the Receipt
  4. Wait for Confirmation
  5. Receive  4 Weeks of Coupon Delivery

Promotion Rules:

  • Open to Canadian residents
  • Age of Majority
  • Limit of 5 Coupons per household
  • The Last Day to Upload receipts is October 3, 2021

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you must upload the receipt before October 3, 2021

If you have any issues with this promotion, Remember to email about this promotion to help@cheersmornings.ca.

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There are many products available that carry the Danone brand. Some of these include;

Oikos; is low-fat Greek yogurt that is very high in protein. A great addition to any meal. The kids will love this product because of the fun packaging. A parent will also love it because of its nutritional value. It’s a win-win situation.

Activia; contains BL Regularis bacterial culture. One serving of an Activia contains 1 billion of the BL Regularis bacteria.

Danino, kids tend to love this product as well. That cute dinosaur on the packaging sure helps. Danino is made with real fruit puree. High source of calcium and Vitamin D.

DanActive; is a drinkable probiotic yogurt. Get the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals in convenient bottles. Take them with you wherever you go or enjoy them at home. Give your body that extra boost it needs.

Silhouette; contain 0 aspartame, no sugar, and no artificial colours or flavours. Try the original Silhouette or new Greek taste.

Danone Creamy; is made with fresh milk, natural fruit, and no preservatives or artificial flavours. Great tasting and good for you!!