Oikos Yogurt Savings

There is a new money-saving Oikos Coupon made available to fellow Canadians.

Oikos is a Greek yogurt brand that has been around for over 40 years.

OIKOS offers many different flavours, including strawberry and vanilla!

They also have products such as their secret recipe with fruit at the bottom, which will leave your taste buds in heaven. If this sounds good but not too sweet, I suggest checking out these coupons before purchasing Oikos yogurt because they can save you some money!

New Oikos Coupons for Canada

Oikos has a new coupon portal to help you save on yogurt.

New Oikos Coupons Added for your saving needs!

  • Save $1.00 on any on Oikos Drinks

This is a great coupon to have.

Oikos Coupons are available in print format only.

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Oikos Coupons’ expiry dates are unknown.

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    Prices of Oikos Yogurt in Canada

    pricing sale

    Walmart Super Center Canada

    • Oikos Tubs $4.97 is a regular price to expect
    • Oikos individual packs of 4 are $3.97 and can be found on multi-buy savings three boxes for $9.00

    Real Canadian Super Store 

    • Oikos Tubs are $5.18 but can be found on sale for $4.88
    • Oikos individual packs of 4 are $3.48 as a Regular Price.

    Save money! Enjoy your Oikos coupons and try our products!

    About Oikos Yogurt

    Oikos is a Greek yogurt brand that offers delicious, nutritious, convenient options for your active lifestyle. We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to enjoy the foods you love.

    Oikos products are made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial flavours. The new Oikos  Zero line of yogurts has 0% fat, 0% sugar and 0% carbs! It’s perfect if you’re on a low-carb diet or just trying to eat healthier. They also have all the protein of regular yogurt to help keep hunger at bay between meals.

    Try one today at your local grocery store! You won’t be disappointed in how great these taste and how good they’ll make you feel after eating them every day!