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Keebler Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $1.00 off when you buy any 2 Keebler products

Coupon is available in Print or Mail format.

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Coupon Expiry Date is June 30, 2019

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Keebler Pie Crust Products:

Great desserts get off to the right start with delicious Ready Crust pie crusts Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • Graham Pie Crust
  • Chocolate Pie Crust
  • Graham 2 Extra Servings Pie Crust
  • Shortbread Pie Crust
  •  Reduced Fat Graham Pie Crust
  •  Mini Graham Cracker Pie Crust

More Keebler Products – Cones:

Serve up delicious desserts in this fun and sweetly satisfying ice cream cups, cones and bowls.

  • Sugar Cones
  •  Fudge-Dipped Ice Cream Cups
  •  Ice Cream Cone Variety Pack
  • Ice Cream Cups
  •  Waffle Bowls
  • Waffle Cones


Keebler is owned by Kelloggs Corporation.


About Keebler

The Keebler Company is considered America’s largest cookie and cracker manufacturer. It was established in 1853, and since then, it has produced numerous baked snacks. This company offers a wide variety of brands such as:

  • Cheez-It Chips Deluxe
  • Club Crackers
  • E.L. Fudge Cookies
  • Famous Amos
  • Fudge Shoppe Cookies
  • Murray cookies
  • Austin
  • Plantation
  • Vienna Fingers
  • Town House Crackers
  • Wheatables
  • Sandie’s Shortbread
  • Chachos
  • Zesta Crackers

Godfrey Keebler launched a bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1853. In the late 1920s, Keebler and others created the United Biscuit Company, which was based in West Drayton, Middlesex, England. In 1974, Keebler was purchased by United Biscuits. In 1995, the company was sold to a partnership between Flowers Industries and Artal Luxembourg, a private equity firm. Artal Luxembourg holdings in Keebler were sold in an IPO in 1998.


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