I have loved the Aerobics Chocolate Bars for a few years. I was about 8 or 9 when I first tried them. There were a lot of commercials on TV back in the day advertising Bubbles. Now, we can buy these bars at Halloween, but there are other flavours too.

We’d bite through the dark chocolate on the inside of the bar, then suck out all of the bubbles (which were mostly empty) with our mouths.

Aero chocolate bars are produced in a variety of sizes and flavours.  You can find the traditional milk chocolate bubbles bar with a hint of vanilla flavour, but they also produce a MINTO chocolate version Candybar

List of 10 Recipes that use Aero Chocolate Bars as an Ingredient:

Aero Brownie Recipe

Aero Brownie

Aero Brownie Recipe: Yummy Mummy Club:

Aero Mint Brownies are delicious if you love mint and chocolate! A wonderful addition to any meal, they will give you the energy you need for all your daily tasks. Not only that but Aero Mint Brownies were designed with excellence in mind.

Aero Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

Aero Mint Cheesecake

Scottish Scran 

Aero Mint Chocolate Cheesecake is not only easy to make but also delicious! A creamy chocolate mint filling, surrounded by a rich oreo crust, and a light chocolate ganache topping.

This is a great dessert for the holidays or to bring to any get-together where you need a quick and easy recipe that will have everyone coming back for more.

Newfound Land Five Star Bars

Newfound Land Cookie Bars

Lord By Ron’s Kitchen 

Newfoundland 5 star Bars – Reminds me of my recipe Millionaire’s Bars.  It’s rich with several Layers of melted milk chocolate, and I agree the Nestle Aero Chocolate Bars work wonderfully for the topping on the inside.  Guess What, this is one of those bars I only make during the holiday season when I know everyone is breaking their diets.

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mint Aero Cupcakes

Sarah Sibley 

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes!   She uses Aero Mint chocolate bars in this recipe.  So if you have Mint Chocolate Bars – you may want to test this cupcake out for yourself. No one can deny a cupcake! Mini cakes are so much fun!

Aero Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mint Aero Cupcakes

Crumbs & CorkScrews 

Mint buttercream frosting and delicate chocolate cupcakes with a creamy, mint taste! You’ll love these if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream. They’re good for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day.

No-Bake Mint Aero Tray Bake

Aero Mint No Bake Bars


No-Bake Mint Aero Traybake is an incredibly easy dish to make with crushed biscuits, mint Aero bar, and mint Aero bubbles! If you hate baking, or perhaps its too hot outside to heat up your kitchen, consider this cold Tray Bake as an alternative

Aero Milk Chocolate Bar Fondue

Aero Chocolate Fonue

Milk Chocolate Fondue: Best Fondu: 

Add Aero Milk Chocolate bars to make a Fondu. We all know any chocolate can be used in a Fondue, but you really need to try Aero Chocolate as a melt.

Slow Cooker Aero Cake

Slow Cooker Aero Mint Cake in slowcooker

Baking Queen 47 

You can make a yummy chocolate cake in the slow cooker with Mint Aero Bubbles. You just mix it up and then put it in the slow cooker to cook for 3-4 hours on low heat. If you have been wanting to use your slow cooker more often consider making this chocolate today.

White Aero Rocky Road

Aero Bars Rocky Road

Maison Cupcake:

Consider Rocky Road when you are thinking about candy bars – Chocholate, marshmallows, what’s not to love!

It’s not easy to find a great recipe that you can trust, especially when it comes to something as delicious as Rocky Road Bars.

Air Delight Aero Chocolate Bar

Air Mint Aero Chocolate Bar


If you want to recreate a Mint Aero Chocolate Bar, here’s your opportunity to put your Bakery skills to the test.

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