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Soup Lover? Campbells Soup is one of the top trusted brands for every kind of soup or soup creations. They create ready to serve soups, broths, and actually are the main company for many other related brands under their corporate umbrella. Campbells has been in Canada since 1930. We will show you how to save money with Campbells!

Coupon for Campbell’s soup

  • Save $2.00 off when you buy any 4 Campbell’s® Ready to Serve Soups

Campbell’s Soup Coupon is available in Print format.

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Campbell’s Coupon expiry date is unknown, with limited quantities available.

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See below for Campbell soup prices in Canada



pricing sale

Campbell Soup Prices 

Walmart Canada

Ready to Eat Soup Regular $2.27 or seen on Rollback for 3 / $5.00


Real Canadian Superstore 

Ready to Eat Soup Regular $2.48 and seen on sale for $2.04 each


Campbells History




About & History of Campbell Soup

Over 140, Campbell soup’s story began back in New Jersey when Joseph Campbell began selling canned fruits and veggies.

Then in 1897, the concept of canned soup came to life.

Soon they had over 20 different kinds of soup for sale for only 10 cents per can.

Campbells Came to Canada in 1930. They opened a manufacturing plant in Toronto in 1931.

  • 1948 They Added V8 cocktail juice to their product line
  • In 1955 They added Swanson frozen food meals to the mix
  • In 1981 They added Prego Pasta Sauce to the line
  • In 1989 Campbells bought the Habitat Soup brand
  • 1999 Campbells soup launched Labels For Education Program
  • In 2003 Gardennay was introduced for lower Sodium
  • In 2004 Pepperidge Farms was introduced


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  1. Tried to print out the cambells condensed coupon and it did not print out but it said it did, how can I get one


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