Keurig Coupon Code – Save 20% off all Coffee & Pods + Get a FREE Storage Drawer



Keurig Coupon Code for Canada

You can now save 20% off all Keurig pods,coffee & accessories plus get a FREE Keurig Storage Drawer!

  • Get 20% off all Coffee & Accessories.

Excludes all Sale section items and coffee makers.

Use promo code CW18 at checkout.

  • Get a Free Keurig®  Universal Storage Drawer -applies to orders over $80.

Promotion applies automatically at cart.

  • A maximum of 9 boxes per product can be added per order.
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This Keurig Coupon Code Offer ends December 02,2018


Free Shipping on orders over $80

About & History:

The Name Keurig is from the Dutch word for Excellence.!

The Idea! – Why brew a whole pot of coffee, when you can only drink one cup at a time.

The Keurig K cup was introduced in 1998. Allowing you brew one perfect cup of coffee at a time without having to grind measure and clean.

2012 Commercial


Have you all bought the new Keurig 2.0 system? Well I got one for free via Influencer and I have it at our lake lot! I love it! It’s so convenient. The huge con is the amount of money kcups cost  is what drives me crazy! I already need to make another trip to Costco as I have went through so many of them already.

I actually need to buy the larger Kcups known as Carafe cups and save some money hopefully. I have been drinking lots of Laura Se-cord Hot chocolate in the evenings sitting out at the cabin.


I love my coffee = but I also love my wallet – so thats why I don’t have one in my house Just at the lake where we’re not there all the time just seasonal. but wow I’m shocked on how many we’ve been through this year already.




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